Kahi Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "Kahi"
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 04-11-2016
  • Genre: Thriller
3.75 / 5.0

Kahi is written and directed by Arvind Shastry. Rekha Venkatesh bankrolled the film along with Nagasheela Prakash. Music scoring is done by Midhun Mukundan. The film has Hari Sharva, Suraj Gowda, Krishi Thapanda and Matangi Prasan in the lead roles. Kishori Ballal, Ramesh Bhat, Aravind Iyer, Shrinivas Meshtru and Mahesh Bung play the supporting cast.


Kahi deals with the lives of four different people. All the stories are different and the climax interlocks all the four. Akhila, Vidya, Hari and Raghu are the four leads in the film. Akhila is expecting her marriage and Vidya aspires to be a dancer. Hari is a drug dealer and Raghu is a rapist and a murderer. As the title suggests the film deals with a lot of bitterness but helps the people to overcome it. Hari’s life changes when he made a wrong drug delivery. But, rapist cum murderer Raghu has been searching for the next prey in his net. The climax is well designed by the director. Watch the film to know how it proceeds.

Star Performances

Haris Sharva plays Hari, Matangi plays Vidya, Krishi plays Akhila and Suraj plays Raghu. The director Arvind Sastry has handpicked the characters for his venture and it has worked out well for him. Matangi Prasan has performed her part excellently well, nothing wrong in the part of other leads too. Arvind has worked very hard to bring an extraordinary output.


Akhila and Raghu’s characters are well designed by the director. The climax portions produce a slight confusion, but the director excels in his incredible direction. The story is not tiresome right from the beginning and all the showers of praising go to Arvind Shastry, the writer cum director. He proved that he is a sensible director, once again.

What’s there?

  • Excellent story building by Arvind Sastry impresses the audiences
  • Deep analysis of the lives of the affected people
  • Each and every character in the film is given equal importance
  • Gritty script with unique screenplay attracts the people

What’s not there?

  • There is no room to relax a bit in the script
  • Unsettling climax is a drawback in the film


The film is not suggested for the people with soft-heart. However, the lead actors had excelled in their roles and get appreciation from the audiences and the critics. If you vote for the high performers, then it is the film for you to watch a variety of expressions and performances. In simple, it is yet another fantastic film from Sandalwood!