Katti Batti Movie Review

2 / 5.0

A simple story-Imraan yearns for the love of Kangana, but is the love reciprocated? Well, here is the Devdas of the modern world. Here I have a question. Why is the woman mostly shown as the one who doesn’t have any emotions, whatsoever?

Plot: Live-in-relationship is touched in this story, but unfortunately the girl leaves the boy forever, making him a depressed soul. But somewhere, in the depth of his heart, the boy feels that the girl cannot be so insensitive.The story begins with Maddy, who is fighting post-depression life, in a very sympathetic manner. There is also the confused characterization of Vivan Bhatena who criticizes about Kangana to Imraan, cruelly. Kangana plays the role of a college prankster who doesn’t care a hoot to betray guys, with her beguiling charm. Behold..this lady also has a conscientious self. Is this justified in this story? Watch it to know.

Katti Batti is indeed a title that raises our expectations, but one wonders whether the film really does it. Sometimes the several jumps in the story makes the viewer yawn. You can just watch it, kudos to Imraan Khan; otherwise you are not attached to it. What can poor Kangana do with such a tiring script? After giving stellar performances in her previous films, she somehow fails to strike the chord here.

There are several characters which are literally pushed into the film. Music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy is a solace to the ears. Lip To Lip De Kissiyan is Bollywood’s first ever stop motion number, and it is brilliant. Camera work by Tushar Kanti Ray makes up for some faults in the story.There is no doubt that Imraan and Kangana make a cute pair on screen. Imraan Khan literally carries the film in his shoulders. The role of Imraan Khan is carved carefully. He has, in fact, lived the role. He convinces us of a die-hard romantic. Age doesn’t play spoilsport for Khan and he comes out as a charming college student with much ease. Well, as far as Kangana, she brings to our mind several of her previous roles. She essays the character of a girl who is scared of commitment. Imraan Khan is struggling to climb the ladder of success, and he has given a stellar performance in the film. On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut, who is a top actress now, fails to leave a mark. One wonders why the film mainly focuses on Maddy’s point of view. The college scenes have a humorous touch to it.

Certain characters seem to have been forced into the plot. Nikhil Advani has definitely yielded to giving a commercial masala film. The director could have been more careful with such a delicate story. This is the director’s second release this September. There should be imaginative depth to a story and this one seems to lack in it. The story is also clumsily written. There is a college in the film, which has no name and Advani, in order to attract the present generation, has used words such as Facebook in the film. Well, have you noticed the wigs of Kangana? Don’t they show out that they are unnatural?

A trivia for you. It’s learnt that Aamir Khan broke into tears after watching this film. Maybe he found something in the film.

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