The Popular Tollywood Star Announces Her Second Marriage!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Sunitha Upadrashta is a popular singer cum dubbing artist. The star, who started her career in 1995, has been successful in the southern movie industry. She was married to Kiran Kumar Goparaju and had two children with him. However, due to some indifferences, they quit their marriage and continued their career in their way. The latest information is that Sunitha will be marrying her longtime friend Ram Veerapaneni, CEO of Mango TV and Whacked Out Media.

Sunitha posted on her Instagram page her family photo, which was taken during their engagement and captioned, “Like every mother, I dream of settling my children down well. At the same time I am blessed with wonderful and thoughtful children and parents who always want to see me well settled in life.... the moment has finally come... Ram has entered my life as a caring friend and a wonderful partner.. we both are delighted to enter into wedlock very soon. Thanks to all my well wishers who understand that I keep my life very private. Please support and be with me as you always do.” Sunitha is one of the lovable singers, who has grabbed the Nandi Awards, nine times.

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