Uttam Pal Singh is a distinctive personality whose career knocks around cartoons, and animations. He is an excellent person with exquisite skills in animation. He is serving as the Head of Discovery Kids Channel currently. He is well-known for his animations on cartoon channels. His past 20+ year of experience has contributed in making and establishing his name in this Industry. Speaking about him, he is inclined towards creativity since childhood. Coming from a remote village named Saharanpur in Utter Pradesh district, he wasn't versed with formal education on animation in India then. Despite not being aware of the animation courses, he hopefully joined architecture and worked there for five consecutive years.

Giving up his dream was never meant for him; therefore later he joined the National Institute of Design(NID). He made his first ever animated short film titled ‘Bheeru no 1' along with two friends in NID and got a fantastic opportunity to work with the Father of Indian Animation, Padma Shri Ram Mohan. This short film created a huge buzz among the viewers and also won the prestigious TOONZ media's best short film under the comedy category in the year 2002. Also, he has designed animated videos for Channel V with characters Santa (Clause) and Banta. All this motivated him to pursue his passion more and work for it. He was going pretty well and now has over 18+ years of past experience in the field of content development, and design, directing and producing award-winning shows and developing IPs for Kids Networks.

His work is getting esteem, respect, and appreciation from the viewers. Prior to working with discovery, he had his hands collaborated with leading Channels like Cartoon Network, The Walt Disney, POGO, Channel, MTV, Star TV Leo Burnett, and Ogilvy and Mather. Eventually, He is the talented mastermind behind the victory of Discovery Kids India, which has reached highs after being number two. Singh is also the executive producer of the cartoon show 'Little Singham,' which is aired on Discovery Kids. He is still working on some brilliant projects, and maybe further in the future, he will gain more recognition. It’s not the degree or background that provided him this fame, but his creativity, ideas, work style, all this assisted him in making a name for himself, and has earned a lot of respect from viewers, peers, directors, and producers after working so diligently and passionately in this industry.