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Bari Phuppo Urdu TV SERIALS on A PLUS
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Bari Phuppo is a Pakistani Urdu-language drama serial that aired on Aplus Entertainment. The series was aired from October 2, 2022, to February 16, 2023. The series is written by Ayesha Rasheed and directed by Naushad Khan. The other cast of the show includes Hassan Somroo, Sangeeta Faria, Saba Faisal Among many well-known and skilled senior actresses >> Read More... , and Seema Khan Seema Sachdev Khan is a well-known fashion designe >> Read More... . The story revolves around Bari Phuppo, played by Sangeeta Faria. Bari Phuppo is a strong and independent woman who lives with her husband, Aslam which is played by Hassan Somroo and their two children, Ayesha played by Saba Faisal and Salman, played by Seema Khan.

  Bari Phuppo is the family’s matriarch and she is always there for her loved ones. Bari Phuppo is a kind and caring woman who is always there for her loved ones. She is a robust role model for women, and she shows that it is possible to be both independent and family-oriented. The series is a must watch for the families which would be relatable to many families.


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