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Telugu Tv Serial Sumangali

Sumangali Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Gemini Television is known for the shows and series it telecasts. The channel has always given the best of soap operas which entertain the viewers and admire female audiences the most. One such daily serial is “Sumangali.” The reason behind the tremendous response for soap operas is the way of portrayal of the emotions and family drama which attracts the section of the family audience. “Sumangali” is no exception to be listed in the most successful Television series aired on Gemini channel.

The series rightly captures the emotions and presents the drama with a well-scripted plot between the characters of the story. The script was enacted by the members of the cast, who are not just popular but also very talented and experienced artists of the industry. The plot of the series revolves around ‘ Deepa Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ,’ the female lead role of the story. Deepa is from a middle-class family. She is a very good-natured and obedient girl. Her family struggles with poverty.

Deepa’s mother gets looted of her properties and wealth by her brother, Krishna Prasad. His wife, Satya does not know about the injustice done to her sister-in-law. Kartikeya, the son of Krishna Prasad and Satya, falls in love with Deepa. But she hates him and rejects his proposal. On the occasion of Deepa’s wedding, Karthikey, in the disguise of the groom, marries Deepa. Deepa thinks it to be the groom and she could not acknowledge the fact that he is Karthikeya.Neelakantam and his daughter, Maya are the antagonists of the story.

Maya desires to marry Karthikeya. Maya murders the supposed groom of Deepa to hide the truth that Karthikeya married Deepa. But, he somehow manages, and tells the truth to Deepa. Neelakantam warns Krishnaprasad to get his son married to Maya. If not the case he would disclose whatever Krishnaprasad has done to his sister.

Krishnaprasad, on the hospital bed, fearing of his pride and respect, pleads his son to fulfill his last wish and marry Maya. Karthikeya marries Maya, owing to his father’s words. Acknowledging the fact that Karthikeya is her husband, Deepa comes to meet him. But by then, he marries Maya.

On watching this, Deepa gets heartbroken. After the death of Krishnaprasad, Satya offers the land and property to Deepa’s mother. But, she does not accept it in arrears to her self-respect. How Deepa and Karthikeya get united and when will the truth be disclosed is the interesting subject of the plot which holds the curiosity of the viewers.

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