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Written By - Team Nettv4u

ZEE Telugu TV broadcasted the most long lived television Drama serial, Muddu Bidda. With 1398 episodes Muddu Bidda stopped the action this year on 23rd August 2014. The serial was broadcast on ZEE Telugu TV weekly from Monday to Friday at 8PM. With so many episodes it became popular from the first episode and was really appreciated by the audience, according to ZEE Telugu TV ratings because of the well written story that is presented.

With a cast like Prabhakar, Lahari, Sameera Sherief Sameera sherief is a Telugu serial actress. She is >> Read More... and other great actors they really succeeded in bringing on camera a great performance with this television serial. The storyline presents the life of a father disappointed about his two children. One of the children seems to be abnormal while the other one is normal. The father rejects the children with problems and for him it doesn’t matter that it is about only one of them. Their mother suffers too because of his father’s hatred towards his abnormal children.

As the time passes the story takes many turnarounds and Muddu Bidda seems to become the hero of the serial because of what he can do. The serial tries also to present that it doesn’t matter whether a child has a problem or not, it must be loved and cared for irrespective of abilities. Also the serial is playing with audience’s emotions, all kinds of emotions, starting with happiness and finishing with tears and a broken heart.

Another version of the story...

Muddu bidda is one of the popular series telecasted on Zee. This story is about a loving father and his two daughters who are like two sides of a coin. The possessive child Jwala, who always feels jealous of her sister Tulasi for being loved by her parents more than her, sends away Tulasi from home without her parent’s knowledge.

Unknown to the fact, the parents believe that they lost their child and live in memories of Tulasi. The story took a leap and the missed child happens to return to their parents. Jwala who identifies Tulasi as her sister decides to ruin her life again. Jwala finally marries Ram who Tulasi loved and thus she shatters Tulasi’s love life. Tulasi happens to marry a poor guy whom she later identifies to be very rich.

Jwala who still wants to take revenge on Tulasi tries all the ways to break Tulasi’s marriage. How Tulasi withstands the witty plans of Jwala and how Tulasi’s father helps her to escape from Jwala is the future story of the play. The show is running successfully and is headed towards 1400 episodes. Muddu bidda is telecasted daily from Monday through Saturday at 8 Pm on Zee