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Cooking food is an art which not everyone can master. Every cook has his or her own style of the kitchen. Food preparations vary from place to place, country to country. But the fundamental essence of creating food is to make sure that it fills a person’s heart with joy and satisfaction. There are different ways of cooking food, but the best type of food is that which provides comfort and pleasure. Koncham Uppu Koncham Karam is a Telugu cooking show which shows the viewers the beauty of Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Indian cuisine has a great blend of food and spices and is one of the most valued cooking styles in the world. Indian cuisine started from the Vedic times and through the change of times we see a transformation in the cuisine as well. Indian cuisine is flexible in nature. That is why even after the influence of different religions like Jainism, Indian cuisine adapted itself with the religion and society without losing its true nature. India is a diverse country and in various parts of India, we find a difference in the availability of spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits locally.

This is the reason that Indian food is inspired by the different religion, region and cultures. As the year's pass, the Indian cuisine too have become modernised. Today Indian cuisines is not only loved by the people of India, but it is love worldwide in places like New York Click to look into! >> Read More... or Paris. The old Indian recipes are the base of every dish and with each recipe, the tradition and culture is carried forward. Each Indian chef has a secret as to make a recipe, and this secret is passed down to generations of family. Even the secret of each dish is different for each family.

No two Indian dishes are same in taste even though it is made my the same ingredients. Indian cuisine is only accepted for its flavours, but it is also appreciated for its rustic, fun and magical preparing technique. The interactions with Indian residents living outside has resulted in many fusion dishes. This fusion cuisine had the seasoning of the Indian cuisine but the cooking technique of the foreign dishes. Some of the famous fusion cuisines are Indo-Chinese cuisine, Malaysian Indian cuisine, Indian Singaporean cuisines to name a few. Through this show audiences can see and learn, how easy and simple some of the Indian dishes can be.