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Bava Maradallu Telugu Tv serials on Doordarshan
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Bava Mardadallu is a musical comedy show which aired on the Doordarshan channel. The series featured small comedy skits interspersed with various movie songs from hit Telugu language films. The features consisted of a number of funny scenarios. These ranged from scenarios like an elderly couple discussing with their daughter about a guest they were expecting, to a driver and a maid conversing about their owner wanting to sell the family car.

These scenes all consisted some comic element or the other, many times featuring a twist in the end. In the middle of all of these, there used to be a selection of famous songs from various Telugu movies. The films chosen could be old or new. However, they were all well-known to the audiences, as were the songs, many of which people knew all too well. The show was very well received as well as liked by the viewers. It garnered mostly positive reviews.

The selection of the songs which got played was entertaining and consisted of a healthy mix of the latest hits and songs from the golden ages. The series gets remembered fondly by all viewers for some of the fantastic musical tracks it aired on a regular basis. They were all featured from some of the most loved movies of all time. The songs dealt with a variety of genres including the likes of action, romantic, hip-hop, and much more.

Doordarshan has experimented win the past with its programming in order to introduce a wide variety of programs to its audience members. This is dependent on the suitability of the content as well as the prevalent trends. This determines the kind of programming they aim to deliver and hence engross the viewers. The mix can consist of anything ranging from comedy to drama, to horror, or even thrillers if that suits the masses.

Bava Mardadallun thus tries to tap into this with making a light show. The comedy content keeps viewers engrossed, but it does not develop into a regular story thus keeping things simple. The music videos played formed an engaging filler and was engaging for the younger members of the audience. These viewers did not much care for serious drama programs, and hence, the show was an excellent fit for their viewing habits. The series thus ran successfully for quite some time and was a major hit with the audiences who used to view it regularly.


Sivaji Raja Telugu Movie Actor
DOB: 26 February 1962
Sivaji Raja
Shyamala Telugu Anchor
DOB: 5 November 1989
Vikramaditya Telugu Movie Actor
DOB: 29 July 1986
Akkineni Nagarjuna Telugu Movie Actor
DOB: 29 August 1959
Akkineni Nagarjuna
Krishna Vamsi Telugu Director
DOB: 27 July 1962
Krishna Vamsi