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Godha Kalyanam is a Telugu show which is broadcasted on ETV Telugu. The show is a mini-series which has been divided into three parts. Each part is about forty to fifty minutes long. The serial was aired during January 2013. Rathi, Sarathbabu, and Sunil, play the lead roles in the serial. Sarathbabu plays the role of Ranganathan, who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Rathi plays the role of Andal, who is a devotee of Vishnu. She has pledged to marry the Lord and nobody else. Meer is the director of the three episode mini-series. Raghavendra Rao is the producer of Godha Kalyanam. The show is a devotional drama which focuses on the marriage of Andal and Lord Ranganatha. Andal is a goddess, and she is the only female Alvar.

There are twelve prominent Alvars in South India, and she is the only female among those Alvars. Andal is famous for her unconditional devotion to Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Andal was around in the ninth century, but some works suggest that she might have been around during the eighth century. Periyalvar adopted Andal, when he found her as a baby lying under the Tulasi tree in a temple.

She was brought up in a devotional environment, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Such was her devotion towards the Lord, that she decided she will only marry the Lord himself. As time went by, she kept on getting more determined, and in the end, she decided to marry Ranganathan from Srirangam. He is a form of Vishnu. Her father clearly supports her daughter’s love towards the Lord.

She started to become well-respected among the devotees, and she then became the girl who managed to rule over the Lord. The marriage of Kodhai with Ranganathan is the essence of the show. The serial shows their childhood and the years as they grow up. It also shows the difficulties the two of them had to face for their marriage, and how they managed to overcome it.

Godha Kalyanam tries to depict the manner in which the marriage took place. This story is well known throughout the country. Everywhere around India, the story has remained the same, but the protagonists are different.



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