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Other names : Kavalu Daari
Kavaludaari Kannada TV SERIALS on UDAYA TV
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Kavaludaari is a Kannada family-drama show on Udaya TV that premiered on 3 June 2002 with 52 episodes, and each episode was 30 minutes long. Balaji Telefilms was the production company of the show. The show is also available on YouTube. It streamed every Monday to Friday at 10 PM. The show narrates the love story of a girl and a boy from families who are very close friends. The boy's family is wealthy, but the girl's family is middle-class. The two had been close childhood friends, but as time went by, they grew more intimate. Their families wanted them to marry each other, so they tried to bring the friends closer.

When the marriage got confirmed, the boy faced backlash from his mother, and she said that her son should choose a girl who was closer to them in status. What happens after that forms the crux of the story. The drama always kept the viewers glued to the screen to find out what happened next. Kalyani, who plays Monica, is the main lead in the show. She wins the hearts of the audience with her heartwarming performance as Monica.

Another Version of the Serial...

Life has been a sequence of trial and error in every human being. One following other, people around the world was subjected to this trial and error, and the final result of the experiment had made them a unique and distinct in this world. The bottom line of the drama Kavalu Daari is that there are two families caught in the experimentation of the life. One thing that had tied these two has been their long friendship. However, they had led different lifestyle. One of the families had run a business of their own hence rich,and the other family is trying the run the daily household errands with a great difficulty thus, middle class.

The theme had been about the legal heirs of these two families. The Groom hailed from the Rich business family and pursued to continue in footprints of his Father. The Bride came from the middle-class family. She had been very ambitious as well as a typical middle-class woman in the new generation. The Groom and Bride were thickest friends from the childhood. These families independently dreamt about converting their friendship into the relationship. They furthered their vision by getting engaged in different steps to get their offspring closer.

Initially, the trick does not work. However, as the days passed, the game worked, and love had started blooming in between the two. Love had never been to marriage in a smooth way. The problem came in the form of the Mother of the Groom. She had been insisting her Son to remain class consciously and not to get committed with a girl who has not been in an equivalent status to them. Despite persuasion from her son, she happened to be not accepting the love of the two.

The Climax of the serial has narrowed to these questions. How had been the Groom and the Bride were developing their relationship? Would the family be successful in making a relationship connection? Would the love between the two ends in the marriage bond? Would the Mother accept their tie? Would she admit the middle-class bride in her family? Would the little pair have any steps to convince the Mother of the Groom? In order to find the answers to these questions, keep stuck to the brand new family entertainer and do not forget to enjoy it.  



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DOB: 6 January 1977
T.N.Seetharam Kannada Director
DOB: 6 December 1948
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Pawan Kumar
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