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Yatra Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Yatra was a religious temple guide show aired on Star Plus channel. The show was produced by Dipti Bhatnagar productions and she herself presented the show to the TV viewers. Dipti Bhatnagar is a famous model and well known anchor. The objective of the serial was to visit religious places in India and take the viewers through a religious journey of their own country. Yatra is a hindi word meaning travel. Traveling to religious places has been a part of Indian culture over the generations. The uniqueness of the show lay in the fact that it did not depict only the religious importance of a particular place but also tried to explore its history and mythological importance as well. The show not only covered the Pujas being performed in various temples across the country, it also tried to explain the significance and the logic behind these prayers being offered to different deities. The anchor traveled through almost all the well known shrines in the entire country as well as some lesser known places. The travel of various shrines, temples and religious places of the entire country was a unique experience for every devout Indian because the show not only captured the beauty of the far off places, but it also captured prayers and rituals offered to various Gods in different places and exploring their importance and relevance from the locals who performed these rituals. The show was highly appreciated by Indian audiences.

The show was telecast on Star Plus Channel in 117 episodes starting from July 7, 2002.


Disha Parmar Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 11 November 1992
Disha Parmar
Dushyant Wagh Hindi Supporting Actor
DOB: 23 January 1987
Dushyant Wagh
Rohan Shah Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 29 December 1994
Rohan Shah
Micckie Dudaaney Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 17 December 1981
Micckie Dudaaney
Ketki Dave Hindi Comedian
DOB: 13 August 1960
Ketki Dave