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Silsila Pyaar Ka Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS
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It is an Indian Family Drama Television series, which premiered on January 4, 2016, till June 5, 2006, and telecasted on Star Plus. The timing of series is every Monday to Friday at 08:00 PM. The casting is Abhay Vakil, Chhavi Pandey, and Namrata Shirodkar. This series is directed by Ravi Raj Ravi Raj is an Indian actor. He is mostly seen in >> Read More... and produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The story is about to relationship of son and his over possessive mother. Raunak Tiwari (Akhil Vakil) and his mother Janki (Namrata Shirodkar), She is over protected toward her son and rule over his whole life. Raunak is flirty and dumb in the study; He start following in love with Kajal (Chhavi Pandey), she is self-esteem girl and dislikes Raunak. With the help of his friend Akshay (Shabnam Azmi), Raunak writes a love letter for Kajal. Unfortunately, Janaki finds the letter in Akshay's room.

Out of her curiosity, Janaki discovers the truth about Kajal that she is from a middle-class family and not up to their standard and insists Akshay for delivering a letter on behalf of him. Kajal gets impressed by the letter and marries Akshay. Raunak does not know that Akshay did this, because of his mother insistence. He just hates Akshay without any reason. The further story rolls forward to 5 years, Akshay and Kajal have a daughter, Sakshi; who has a health problem since childhood. Kajal gets to know that whatever Akshay did was just because of Raunak’s mother.

Now, Kajal wants to clear the misunderstanding of Raunak and create friendship between them one more time. Akshay wishes to apologise Raunak; so, he tries to stop his car and convey his sorry but accidentally Akshay and Raunak meet with an accident, and Akshay gets a severe injury. Even after undergoing treatment, Akshay dies and leaves his family (Kajal and Sakshi) isolated. Janaki wants Akshay to marry Munmun (Daughter of Janaki’s friend), but Kajal convinces Raunak to marry herself for fulfilling her husband (Akshay’s) last wish and for the sake of Sakshi.

Raunak marries Kajal, but Janki does not accept her. Kajal gets to know that somebody wanted to kill Raunak but by mistake, Akshay died. She tries to find the killer and succeed. Pradeep (Raunak’s uncle) is the killer and wanted to kill Raunak for his huge property. Janki pertain to accept Sakshi and Kajal and plans against both of them. Kajal comes to know about Janki's planning, and she finds something fishy. Randhir is the father of Raunak but Janki hates him and sends him to the mental hospital. She conveys to Raunak that his father used to treat her badly.

Later, Kajal discovers the reality and finds that Janki is the culprit. Kajal tells Raunak everything, but he does not believe. Kajal brings Raunak’s father to home and helps him to get recover. The series wind up with " Happy Ending Click to look into! >> Read More... ”. Sakshi succeeds to prove herself. Janki accepts her husband and Kajal, and they all live together happily. The recurring character is Sheen Dass Sheen Dass Is A Gorgeous And Talented Indian Telev >> Read More... , Divya Bhatnagar Divya Bhatnagar is an Indian television actress wh >> Read More... , Karishma Sharma Karishma Sharms is a beautiful and young Indian ac >> Read More... and much more.


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DOB: 21 July 1978
Aashish Chaudhary
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DOB: 17 September 1983
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