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Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’ is a Hindi TV serial. The title of the serial was taken from Shah Rukh Khan’s film. It is said so because the serial song was the same as in the film. It is a story of a retired judge that comprises of three sons named Om, Jai, Jagadish (the three names were also selected from a movie title Om Jai Jagadish, a 2002 Bollywood film) and three wives and four grandchildren. The eldest son is Om, who is also a judge but loses all his cases.

The three wives names are also lifted from another Hindi film Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati (may be the name of rivers even). The eldest wife is Ganga, who is Om’s wife and is not so literate, a Punjabi woman. The second wife Jamuna is educated and fitness freak and is very modern in look. She spends her time in doing exercises. The third wife is Saraswati has the habit of forgetting everything quickly. The eldest wife Ganga has two sons namely Ram and Shyam. These two names were also taken from Hindi film (Ram Aur Shyam).

One son is studious, and other one thinks of remaining fit. Saraswati too has two kids. The second bahu Jamuna does not want a kid. Whenever a member of the family commits a mistake, they come to their grandfather who is a retired judge, and he corrects their mistakes.

It is a story of a typical Indian family that has a lot of comedy element in it. The serial is a Nirja Guleri production. It was telecast on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday only on DD-1. The time slot was at 9.30 pm in the night. TV actor Bhavana Balsawar plays the role of Jamuna Jai Bhushan; Tushar Dalvi Tushar Dalvi is an experienced Indian actor who is >> Read More... was seen as Om Bhushan and Upasna Singh Upasana Singh is an Indian Actress famous for her >> Read More... was playing Ganga Om Bhushan. Even Sudhir Pandey played a significant role in the serial. It was telecast in the year 2002.


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