Bhaanu Rashmi is a dancer and an actress from Guwahati, Sikkim. She is a very well-known and a highly acclaimed dancer in Sikkim. Bhaanu runs a dance school named Tejaswini in Guwahati where she works as a dance teacher for the children. Bhaanu loves dancing and inspires the young children to make dancing as their hobby and helps them to bring out the best in them. Most of her Children are excellent in the field of dance in recognising this the Guwahati govt. decided to honour Bhanu in the felicitation ceremony of her dance school.

The appreciation by the Sikkim government encouraged her in the field of dancing; she went to Chennai for the advance learning in the field of dancing. She had her mentor as Srikala Bharat, who is a specialist in Vajavur dancing style and also a sister of famous cricketer K. Srikanth.

Bhanu made her debut with the film Mazhai Thuli directed by K. G. Gurushankar where she played the lead role. K. G. Gurushankar spotted her in one of her dance shows and quickly offered him a role in his movie. Recently Bhaanu is working on a Malayalam film and is getting roles in many Bollywood movies. However, Bhaanu is taking her time to choose the roles as she wants a strong role which brings out her acting skills and might get her appreciation in the industry. With dancing skills and acting skills in bag, Bhaanu might do wonders in the Indian film industry.