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Hindi Tv Serial Dharampatni

Dharampatni Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Dharampatni is an Indian TV series broadcasted on Imagine TV channel. The series was produced by DJ’s Creative Unit and Endemol India, and directed by Meesha Gautam Meesha Gautam resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indi >> Read More... . The show was aired from August 16, 2011 to February 2, 2012.

Dharampatni is all about Mohan Galla, played by Harshad Chopra and Kastur Mohan Galla, played by Aasiya Kazi Aasiya Kazi is Mumbai-born Indian television actre >> Read More... . Mohan was sent abroad at her very young age to finish his studies. When he came back, he was totally a changed man in terms of behavior and philosophy that is distinct from the others. Later on, because of some financial and family issues, he marries Kastur, who is completely opposite in terms of philosophy, culture and traditions. Although, he doesn’t love her, Mohan value and appreciate Kastur, and attempt to accomplish his responsibilities as her husband. And soon after, he started to fell and realized her value as his wife. Then, he started to love her more deeply.

Kastur, is very upright and decent towards Mohan, she always put him first on everything. She accomplished all her obligations as his wife and cares for Mohan enormously. She is a type of woman who will do everything for Mohan and to make their family happy. And even if, Mohan doesn’t love her at first, Kastur is still very loyal and adored him; she treats her husband like a God. When she finally realizes that Mohan was starting to love her, she was waiting for him to confess about his feelings.

Saroj (played by Supriya Shukla Supriya Shukla is well known as Supriya Riana, bor >> Read More... ) was Kastur’s mother-in-law. She doesn’t want her son, Mohan to marry Kastur. But later on, she will realize how compliant Kastur is.

Other casts includes Gopi Desai Gopi Desai is an Indian actress and director. She >> Read More... , Mihika Verma Mihika Verma is a model and actress known for her >> Read More... and Pankit Thakker Pankit Thakker is best known for playing the role >> Read More... .