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Bin Kuch Kahe Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV
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Bin Kuch Kahe is a Hindi Series which was first aired on 6th February 2017 and is broadcasted on ZEE TV between 6:30-7:00pm through Monday to Friday. It is a comedy drama oriented series; the series is produced by Rajshree Ojha Rajshree was born on 1976, in Kolkata India. She d >> Read More... and is set in Jaipur. The script is written by Satyam Tripati, screen play by Atul Dubey and Sameer Satija Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . The male protagonist’s role is played by Sameer Arora Sameer Arora is a writer who has predominantly wor >> Read More... and the female protagonist’s role is played by Shamata Anchan Shamata Anchan is a model and also an Indian TV ac >> Read More... . The series consists of 1 season and 160 episodes.

The plot follows the below pattern: Once there lived three sisters in a disorganized family; Abha, the eldest, runs a canteen named “Kohli canteen”. She has a son named Aryan. Rhea is the second eldest sister who has a dream of becoming a rock-star. Myra, the youngest, wants to become a journalist. The series starts with Rhea’s engagement to Nikhil. After which Myra pleads her mom for the permission to go to Mumbai with her friends for a week.

In Mumbai in a bar she meets an International journalist Kabir. Both of them meet each other every day which makes Myra hate Kabir. She attends an interview for Zee news where she gets a job of a journalist. After joining, she realizes that Kabir is also a staff member of Zee News. As soon as she gets the job, she gets a call from Abha that Rhea has broken the marriage with Nikhil, which makes her upset and she boozes her wits out. Kabir helps her out and takes her to his house that night.

The next morning, Myra feels sad and plans on leaving Mumbai and going to Jaipur Once she gets back, her mother Sudha Kohli doesn’t allow her to go to Mumbai and pursue her passion. We have a one year time skip after which Myra gets a job in a local news channel and Rhea sings in the canteen run by Abha. One day, Kabir comes to Jaipur for job purposes and meets Rhea and befriends her. She introduces Kabir to the Kohli family which makes Myra hate Kabir, after which Myra warns Rhea to stay away from Kabir. Kabir helps Rhea get a contract of a well reputed music company. The series has an IMDB rating of 7.8/10.


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DOB: 28 August 1975
Eijaz Khan
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DOB: 6 March 1981
Karan Sharma
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