Naseem Vicky Hindi Actor
Naseem Vicky is a TV, film and also a stand-up comedian from Faisalabad, Pakistan. He transferred to Lahore in year 2000 to make his career move. He was born on July 31, 1977 in Pakistan. Naseem is very talented and works in the Pakistan film industry. He was very much appreciated in his performance in the 1990’s Family Front, playing the role of Khusya.

He worked in the comedy stage play, “Punjabi Dramas” that is very famous in Punjab and Pakistan. He also worked in various comedy shows and appeared in India’s Comedy show just like the other stand-up Pakistani comedians. Naseem has been the best performer in the Comedy theater’s “Nautanki Ke Super Overs” under Colors TV. He was recognized as one of the most-admired Pakistani comedian because of his fast and ultimately intelligent replies in TV and stage dramas. He performed in TV serials like, Ahlna, Home Sweet Home Story Soon >> Read More... Home Sweet Home , Janjaal Pura, Lahori Gate, Achanak, Laugh India Laugh Laugh India Laugh was a reality show which gave a >> Read More... Laugh India Laugh , One Two Ka One and Dillagi.

For some reasons, Naseem temporarily left the Comedy Nights Comedy Nights is a Telugu television reality comed >> Read More... Comedy Nights with Kapil. But now, he was back and playing the role of Ramu, an annoying servant in the TV series. This will definitely add more excitement and fun in the show, since Kapil has already had his new servant, Raju (Chandan Prabhakar). It will surely give the viewers a double dose of laughter and entertainment.