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Aap Ke Aa Jane Se Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV
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This is an Indian daily soap who has lured the female clients. It was premiered on 15th January 2018 on Zee TV. The show leads are Suhasi Dhami, and Karan Jotwani Karan Jotwani is a young charming serial actor, wh >> Read More... . Suhasi Dhami is back after a three-year-long break from the India Tv. The plot revolves around the heir of Agarwal old Industry, Sahil Agarwal.

He is in love with a 42 years old widow VedikaMatur, who as a child. This relationship is disgusted by the society, and Sails family as well. They were about to get married but Vedika replaces herself with a young girl Nidhi, and cheats Sahil. Sahil understands her situation and still pursues her with all his heart. Meanwhile, Nidi is an old digger and wants to loot the family off their wealth.

The lady plots many games to destroy the relation of Sahil and Vedika but fails badly. After a series of drastic events, a new character Bhoomi comes in their life and becomes a barrier for Sahil and Vedika. The series is to continue, but this is the latest update. The daily soap involves many twists and turns just the way Indian people like.

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Zalak Thakkar Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 12 March 1989
Zalak Thakkar
Aditya Narayan Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 6 August 1987
Aditya Narayan
Amit Behl Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 30 October 1965
Amit Behl
Anuj Saxena Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 31 July 1967
Anuj Saxena
Ashish Sharma Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 30 August 1984
Ashish Sharma
Harshada Khanvilkar Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 2 July 1973
Harshada Khanvilkar