Urdu Tv Serial Dulha Bhai

Dulha Bhai Urdu TV SERIALS on URDU 1

The serial is written and directed by Syed Nabeel of Half set fame. The sitcom Dulha Bhai premiered in 2013 under URDU 1. The story revolves around Sophia and Nadeem, who elope and get married. But on the same day, Nadeem’s flat owner, who rents only to bachelors, on discovering Nadeem is married, throws him out of the house. The newly married couple goes over to Sophia’s where her mother asks Nadeem to become a ‘Ghar Jamai’ as the sole condition to accept their marriage. Nadeem agrees, and so begins the daily life of Nadeem with his wife’s family and the situations he faces.

Nabeel Zafar of Bulbulay fame plays the role of Nadeem, while Sophia Ahmed plays her namesake role. Today, this concept is well established and many serials have evolved on this stone, including hit movies. However, Nabeel Zafar’s acting is fresh as expected, and his energy matches well with the script. Shehnaz Pervaiz shines as the strict mother-in-law. The show stands out as having a strong feminist point of view and addresses them efficiently.