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Syed Nabeel is a Pakistani writer. His prominent TV plays include Half Set, Aap Ko Kia Takleef Hai, Main Aur Tum, Rookhey Naina, Tanveer Fatima BA, Chemistry, Shaadi Ka Laddu, Dil Nawaz. His first TV appearance as an entertainer was in 1993, and from 2003 he started to act and write for famous TV series for PTV and NTM. He started directing in 2001 with Aap Ko Kya Takleef Hai with PTV, for which a season two is underway with Bol Entertainment. He penned various independent plays and sitcoms from thereon.

He joined Indus TV in 2003 and worked in plays such as Hanste Baste and Naak Main Dum with Samina Ahmed as director. In 2004 and 2005, he directed a few live shows for PTV. He joined Bol Entertainment in 2015 as a writer and director. Among his most famous plays has Dilnawaz, which was broadcasted in 2017 by A Plus Entertainment. A second season was aired in mid-2019. He is known for Tanveer Fatima (B.A.) (2009), Shaadi Ka Laddu (2012) and Dil Nawaz (2017), Aap Ko Kia Takleef Hai(2003), Maal Na Maan (sitcom), Jaein Kahan Armaan (2005), Mere Paas (2005), Rookhey Naina(2006), Dekha Hai Pehli Baar (telefilm), and Bandish (2018).


Born: 29 May 1973

Age Now 51

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