Urdu Tv Serial Balaa


Balaa was an Urdu TV serial that aired on the channel ARY Digital in the year 2018. This serial is the perfect thriller. With an evil and cruel lead character who is hell – bent on ruining the lives of the people better than her, the show checks all the boxes of a unique spin on the personality of the handicapped. Nigar has a birth defect which makes her limp. Her jealousy and anger are directed towards the innocent people who happen tocross her path.

Her behaviour is further enabled by her father who pins all his hope on Nigar. Actress Ushna Shah received acclaim for her portrayal of Nigar. Nigar’s father’s character, Zafar, was played by Sajid Hassan. Other members of the cast include Bilal Abbas Khan as Taimoor, Azekah Daniel, Samina Peerzada as Shama, Mehar Bano as Batool and many more.

Another Version of the Serial...

Balaa is a Pakistani-Urdu serial that aired on the channel ARY Digital from 3 September 2018 to 14 January 2019 for forty episodes. It was written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Badar Mehmood. It was produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment. The main cast includes Ushna Shah as Nigar, Bilal Abbas Khan as Taimoor, Azekah Daniel as Saba, Samina Peerzada as Shama, Sajid Hassan as Zafar, Mehar Bano as Batool, Asad Siddiqui as Junaid, Mehwish Qureshi as Saleha, Ammara Chaudhary as Zeba, and Ismat Zaidi as Saba’s mother. Nigar is a diabolical woman who was born with a limp. She never lets her disability deter her from acquiring what she wants, no matter who she hurts in the process. Her father, Zafar, is a man with similar qualities plus an added greed. He loves Nigar very much as her birth brought him immense luck. Nigar’s brother, Junaid, married a woman named Zeba who didn’t have a lot of money. Nigar and Junaid didn’t like Zeba very much and tried to get Junaid to divorce her. Nigar is in love with Taimoor, her cousin, but Taimoor is in love with Saba, his mother’s friend’s daughter.

Their parents arrange for Taimoor and Saba’s wedding, but she loves another man named Mateen. Nigar uses Mateen to get rid of Zeba by making him place blank calls to Zeba and plant doubt in Junaid’s mind. Then, Nigar persuades Saba to run away with Mateen on the day of their wedding, and Saba’s mother died of humiliation. After that, Zafar bribes Junaid to go to Zeba’s room and let Junaid find them both. Junaid does, and he divorces Zeba, who is found dead in the bathroom the next day. He starts actively drinking and becomes aggressive. Taimoor is heartbroken, and his mother, Shama, tries to do everything in her power to see the happiness on the face of her son again. Nigar uses this opportunity to get close to Taimoor. Saleha, Taimoor’s elder sister, is as naive as her mother and trusts Nigar when she sweet-talked herself into the house. Batool, Taimoor’s younger sister, however, doesn’t trust Nigar since the moment she entered the house. Slowly, Taimoor finds himself liking Nigar and wants to marry her.

As Taimoor’s family is wealthy, owing to his hard-work, Zafar put a condition that he would agree to Taimoor and Nigar’s marriage only if Batool marries Junaid, a drunkard. Nigar tells Zafar that she will arrange for it after her wedding, and she does so by lying to Taimoor that Junaid has reformed himself. Nigar uses her cunning intelligence to push Taimoor’s family away from him. Shama voluntarily stays away from Taimoor, and Saleha dies of a medical condition that Nigar knew about but didn’t tell anyone. Junaid shoots Batool in an accident, and Nigar blames Batool’s ex-boyfriend. After a few months, Taimoor and Nigar have a son, Saad. Shama slowly goes mental and starts visiting a newly divorced Saba. She later dies of a heart attack. Taimoor eventually finds out about his wife’s atrocities and decides to punish her with the help of Saba. He gives Nigar a high dose of mental-inducing medicine and puts her in an asylum. The serial ends with Taimoor confessing this to a grief-stricken Zafar.