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Intezaar is a Pakistani romantic serial telecast on popular network A Plus, from 3 June 2016. The serial is telecasted every Friday at 8 pm on A Plus network. Asma Sayani Asma Sayani is a Pakistan-based serial writer who >> Read More... wrote the story of the serial. She has already given promising drama serials like Chup Raho Chup Raho is a Pakistani romantic and thriller dra >> Read More... , Maan Mayal, Aabro, Piya Man Bhaye, Dil lagi and many more. Kashif Nisar Kashif Nisar was born in the place Quetta, which i >> Read More... is the director of the serial along with Intezaar, he directed many serials like Teri Meri Beech, Gundi, Sangat and many more. Mikaal Zulfiqar Mikaal Zulfiqar is a British Pakistani model and a >> Read More... , Sans Javed, Anum Fayaz, Azfar Rehman Azfar Rehman was born on 7th July 1984 in Karachi. >> Read More... are playing the lead roles in the drama. A Plus network is the production of the serial.

The drama created more eagerness among audiences as it was presented by the promising director and the writer. The main theme of the serial is love where, as usual familial issues arise with lot of twists and turns. The roles are performed by Azfar Rehman as Ajmeer and Sana Javed Unlike their counterparts in India, Pakistani acto >> Read More... as Zoya. Ajmeer and Sana are cousins who love each other. From the beginning, there is no patch up between Zoya’s mother and Azmeer’s father. Anyhow, for the sake of children, parents accept the consent of the marriage. On the day of marriage, Azmeer mother presented Zoya an artificial jewel set as mahr. When Zoya’s mother finds it is artificial, she accuses Azmeer’s family.

On hearing this, Azmeer’s father gets furious and asks him to divorce Zoya at the spot and without uttering a word he leaves the spot. Heartbroken Zoya does not know what to do after this incident and returns to the hostel for work. While Zoya is staying at the hostel, Azmeer came back to her and bends before her telling he didn’t know what to do in that situation. He also confesses that he does not want to lose the relationship, so every weekend they plan to spend together, secretly. Meantime, Zoya gets pregnant and in her home, her mother asks Zoya to sign the Khula (divorce) papers. In this intense situation, Zoya and Azmeer plan to escape from their home where Azmeer meets with a train accident.

Now no one is ready to believe that it’s Azmeer’s baby, so Zoya’s mother goads to abort the baby and marry her nephew. Again, Zoya without informing anyone flee to the hostel. On the way, Zoya ends in some trouble there and meets Shariq, DC of the area who brings back Zoya safely to home. Shariq, the patron of his uncle was going to marry his daughter, Saba a victim of child abuse. Somehow, Shariq expresses his interest that he considers Saba as his sister and not as a wife. However, Shariq’s mother pressurizes him and tries to convince him to the marriage. Whether Saba and Shariq, join hands together or Shariq and Zoya marry each other is all about the show.


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