Telugu Tv Serial Tenali Ramakrishna

Tenali Ramakrishna Telugu TV SERIALS on ZEE TELUGU

Tenali Ramakrishna on Zee Telugu is the Telugu dubbed version of the original Hindi serial ’Tenali Rama,’ that aired on 11th July 2017. The series depicts the life of the legendary poet and royal adviser Tenali Rama and his crucial role at the court of Vijayanagara ruled by emperor Krishnadevaraya. The story starts with Tenali Ramakrishna using his wits to solve the trickiest of problems and Tathacharya, his arch-nemesis who often tries to humiliate him in front of the court but always fails to do so.

Within a duration of six years, Ramakrishna gets humiliated in the court multiple times because of his naughty son Bhaskar, which leads to a small ridge between the two. Bhaskar realizes his mistake and upon his father’s orders, goes to Tathacharya for forgiveness. He is given the task to glue together a broken vase. When the spoiled arrogant Prince Balakumara, Krishnadevaraya’s brother-in-law arrives to learn from Tathacharya, he puts the same vase upon his head as a crown which causes his beloved hair to get stuck to it. In the process of removing the vase, he loses his hair and continues to harbour indignation towards Bhaskar for very long.

Bhaskar is sent to the Gurukul after this. 20 years later when he finally returns, he learns from a reformed Tathacharya that the former king was away for some reason unknown to him and Balakumara has been the acting king since then. Also, Bhaskar’s family was nowhere to be found. Balakumara’s uncle and minister, Kaikala becomes the main antagonist. Eventually, after finding his mother, Bhaskar pretends to be his father, Pandit Ramakrishna, and gives justice to the people of Vijayanagara. Kaikala is caught while trying to kill the king which leads him to a lifelong prison.

It is also revealed that Balakumara’s wife, Sulakshana Devi, is in league with Kaikala and serves as the new antagonist. When Balakumara gets banished from the kingdom, she assumes the role of a ruler. However, four months later, Ramakrishna returns to his former position and stops her from getting crowned as the empress. Instead, he asures her that her adopted son, Swami, would be the crowned as the newking after four years.

Eventually, when Krishnadevaraya returns with his two queens, he punishes Sulakshana Devi and orders her to find her husband Balakumara who was formerly banished from the kingdom. Over time, Ramakrishna saves the kingdom from various threats despite him making several enemies in the process. In the end, he decides to return to Tenali, his native village, to help the people there.