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Other names of : Bhagavatham, Sreebhagavatham
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Actors: Ranganath, Subbaraya Sharma, Arun Govil, Puneet Issar, Ashok Kumar, Katam Reddy Actress: Sana, Bhavana ETV, on 10th April 2013 released a new television serial named “Sri Bhaganatam” and had aired a total of 241 episodes till 18th January 2014, every Monday to Friday at 6 PM. The serial is based on religious mythologies but is not same as the other old mythologies. It comes with twists and turns which are totally new from religious aspects..The serial has earned accolades from the critics and audiences too. Sri Bhagavatham was written by Bapu-Ramana pair and it was directed by the same pair.

The notable stars of the television serial are Sunil Shorma, Lava and Kusa they have been nominated for some individual awards. The storyline of Sri Bhagvatam follows the life of God Bhagwan Vishum in his entire Avatar. Bhagwan Vishnu educates some of his disciples and helps them in all cases. Lord Krishna also appears in the serial during the war of Kurukshetra when he said “The Bhagwad Geeta”. In some stories in midst of the serial, Kalia and Samudramanthana make their appearance in the serial. In this way with this mythological story try to teach the audience that we should live our life and not trying to reach the way to the God. Bapu Ramana presented the storyline is a stange but appreciable manner to make it a must watch classical Religious-Mythological show.

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Sri Bhagavatham is a mythology based serial which was telecasted on E TV at 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. It was started on 10th th April’2013 and successfully completed 241 episodes on 18th January’2014. It was a re-telecast. It was earlier telecasted for the first time 6 years ago. Sri Bhagavatham serial was written and directed by the ace Telugu Film director pair Bapu-Ramana and was produced by Ramoji Rao. The cast of the serial consists of some of the notable names of Arun Govil, Vakkantam Vamshi, Subbaraya Sharma, Sana, AVS, Ranganath among many others who have made their appearances in this serial.

It was well received by family audience and with this serial the channel’s TRP ratings sky rocketed. The pictures by Bapu (Sattiraju Lakshminarayana) stood as an extra attraction for this serial. As well as those pictures also explain the whole story of the Sri Bhagavatham i.e., about Dashavatharas and about Sri Krishna’s miracles, very well. Sri Bhagavatham has won 5 Nandi Awards including Best Director Honour for its director Bapu. Bhaskarraju has won the Best Art Director Award, Baburao has won the Best Costume Designer Award and P.Rambabu has won the Best Makeup Artist Award for this serial Sri Bhagavatham is a serial that dwells on the great epic ‘Mahabharatham’, Lord Krishna’s supremacy.

It showcases the episodes of Lord Krishna’s birth, his childhood miracles, also the episode of Krishna killing his uncle Kamsa, episodes related to his marriage with eight of his wives, the episode of Tulabhara, and so on. In all, the serial is a must watch as it makes audience get a different taste of religious mythology from the direction of the Bapu-Ramana pair.

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Sri Bhagavatham is a mythology-based series aired on ETV from 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It started on 10th April 2013 and ended in 241 episodes on January 18, 2014. It was a rerun. The Sri Bhagavatham series was written and directed by Telugu director couple Bapu-Ramana, and produced by Ramoji Rao. It features Arun Govil, Vakkantam Vamshi, Subbaraya Sharma, Sana, AVS, Ranganath, and others who have made appearances in this series. Sri Bhagavatam's story revolves around the life of God Vishnu and all his avatars. Bhagwan Vishnu educates some of his followers and helps them in any case. Lord Krishna was also in the series during the Kurukshetra War when he said, "The Bhagwad Geeta" In some stories in the middle of the series, Kalia and Samudramanthana make an appearance in the series. In this way, this mythological story tries to teach the public that we must live our lives and not try to reach the path to God. Bapu Ramana presented the storyline as a weird but enjoyable way to make it a must-watch religious-mythological classic show. This series has high family audiences and a high TRP rate.