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Sri Anjaneyam Telugu TV SERIALS on Gemini TV

Aired on Gemini TV in Telugu, Sri Anjaneyam is a mythological serial based on the life of Lord Hanuman.The program depicts the stories related to Hanuman’s childhood till the time he met Lord Ram and became his devout disciple. Sri Anjaneyam is a dubbed version of the Hindi series, SankatmochanMahabali Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is an epitome of love, devotion, strength, care, obedience, affection, and faith.Known for his intense devotion towards Lord Ram, Hanuman’s life has been full of mysteries.Lord Hanuman has a special mention in epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Born to Anjana and Kesari, Vayu (the Wind God) has played a key role in Hanuman’s birth as per legends.

A famous episode narrates the story of Lord Hanuman as a child, played by actor Bhanushali Ishant, and his mistake of thinking the rising sun as a food item.In infancy, Lord Hanumanmistakenly took the rising sun to be a ripe fruit and consumed it immediately.This deed enraged Lord Indra, and he struck a thunderbolt which hit Hanuman, and he fell on the ground in an unconscious state. His father, Lord Vayu, did not like this and he withdrew. This act of Lord Vayu led to an immense suffering for all living beings on Earth .

Finally, Lord Prajapati intervened by bringing Hanuman back to life and requested Lord Vayu to resume his services. Mythological stories grab the attention of viewers of all ages.People want to explore the unheard stories and miracles which used to take place in medieval period.The best part is that all the stories are in some way or the other related to each other.Another most watched episode of Sri Anjaneyam showed the true devotion of Lord Hanuman towards Lord Ram.Lord Hanuman meditated on Lord Ram day and night with tears flowing from his eyes incessantly.

After seeing his dedication, Goddess Sita requested Lord Ram to fulfill the wishes of Lord Hanuman. They reached the place where Hanuman practiced meditation and asked him to accompany them to Vaikunta. But, after learning that Lord Rama will be in the form of Lord Mahavishnu, Hanuman refused to go with them and again started meditating on Lord Rama. Eventually, he met Lord Rama and helped him to rescue his wife from the shackles of Ravan. Hanuman assembled a fleet of monkeys, gathered stones, wrote the name of Lord Ram on them and threw them in water.The stones started floating and helped Lord Ram to reach Lanka to bring his wife back

Another version of this Serial...

“Sri Anjaneym” is an Indian famous television show that is currently airing on Gemini TV Channel. The show was first aired on the Channel on May 9, 2016. It is the Telugu dubbed version of one of the most popular television show “Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman”. Sony Entertainment Channel had broadcasted the show. Sri Anjaneym is aired from Monday to Friday at 6:00 pm on Gemini TV. Abhimanyu Singh has directed the serial. The serial is also dubbed in Tamil as “Jai Hanuman” on Sun TV and as “Mahaveera Hanuman” on Surya TV in Malayalam.

The show has Ishant Bhanushali as the lead character child Anjaneyam; Meet Mukhi as Child Prabhu Sri Ram; Amit Mehra as Lord Shiva; Nirbhay Wadhwa as the Adult Hanuman; Gagan Kang as Maharaja Kesari; Gagan Malik as Bhagwan Shri Krishna /Lord Shri Rama/Lord Shri Vishnu ) and Deblina Chatterjee as Mata Lakshmi/Devi Sita/Devi Rukmini) as the main cast.

The story revolves around the life of Lord Hanuman from the perspective of Devi Rukmini and Lord Shri Krishna. It reveals the ambiguity behind the existence of Lord Sri Hanuman and shows the journey of his life since his birth till the coming of Lord Sri Ram in his life. The serial also gives a broader view about his motivational tales at various phases of life to its audience and depicts the true self of Lord Hanuman. Considered as a family show especially for children, “Sri Anjaneyam” clarifies all the myths and misconceptions about the “Almighty”.

Lord Hanuman, who was born to Anjani Devi and God Kesari, is considered as the greatest devotee on earth. Through the serial, we come to know everything about Lord Hanuman starting from his birth to his devotion towards Lord Sri Ram to being the conqueror of all the evil and immortality. The show has shown the life of Lord Hanuman very beautifully and has gained a lot of popularity from its viewers of various age groups from children to elders. The serial not only enhances the knowledge of the audience about the almighty but also brings in front about his qualities and morals from his life which is also significant in our everyday lives.

Beside this, it also sends great lessons of morality and brings in the feeling of devotion and truthfulness that everybody should have in life. The show also promises a striking setup and a never-seen-before visual experience along with giving knowledge to its viewers.