Telugu Tv Serial Neelosagam

Neelosagam Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
In 2008 Mango TV launched a new Drama – Romance television serial called Neelosagan. With only one season and 211 episodes, it cached really fast to the audience in all groups of ages. With stars cast like Sivaji Raja, Harsha Vardhan, Gundu Hanumatha Rao, Sai Mitra, Anju Asrani, Henanth, Normada, Avinash, Chandhani and other great actors can take all the credentials and the applauses from the public for this television serial. It was broadcasted weekly from Monday to Friday at 6:30PM.

The storyline of the Neelosagan presents the life three really good friends from different social classes, different financial status, different personalities and all these differences it seems like to keep them together no matter what. In a college trip, these three friends visited a temple called Keesara Gutta and as they were young and naïve the abuse Lord Shiva. They raise the problem of the second wife in a life of a man and his place in the society after the 2nd marriage and they got cursed to have lots of problems in life, especially on their love life. After a short time all three of them had problems with their wives. They remembered about the curse and started to ask if this is a coincidence or the curse is real. They started to look out for some answers about this problem and they found a way to get rid of the problems, but require many sacrifices from them and only watching the show you will find out if they got rid of the curse.