Telugu Tv Serial Nagastram

Nagastram Telugu Tv serials on Etv telugu

Nagastram is a devotional Telugu serial aired on ETV in the year 2003. This show was broadcast weekly on Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. It has been aired for 270 episodes with conventional climax. This series has captivated viewers’ attention with its great production and graphical excellence making it one of a kind during its time. Devotional touch to the story caught a good catch to spark the instinctive desire of people to watch such supernatural serial.

The story revolves around an Idol of Naageswari (Goddess of snakes) in the village Sarpavaram. The main objective of the story was to telecast the perplexing events occuring during the recovery of stolen Idol. The aura of mystery was the best part of the direction. The omnipresence of supernatural and occult lures and binds viewers to watch these episodes without missing any part during the broadcast. People cherished the moments of graphics throughout the series that most of the people are ready to watch if broadcasted even today.

The state of art graphics was backbone to the more important scenes like worshipping, attacking evil spirits; whereas most profound effect was during the climax episode when deity was found by the devotees. The story is about the idol which was stolen a century ago and a new visitor to the village falls in love with the temple bereft of offerings and alms. The wise person makes an idol out of clay from nearby river shore and worships it duly. The village gets to set in with peace, prosperity and enjoys rewards of cultivation. The quest for actual Idol starts again where another malevolent spirit also keeps looking for it to get benefited by evil powers to rule this world but to vain. The climax episode is most entertaining with no compromise in technical excellence to satisfy the thirst of viewers’ beliefs. It has proved a moral in the ending that good always wins over evil.