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Nageshwari is a devotional fantasy series which aired on the ETV Telugu channel. The story of the series got spread over the span of many thousands of years, from ancient to the current modern times. It deals with mythology and supernatural elements coupled with a girl’s devotion. It follows her on her adventures and the many obstacles she faces along the way. The story revolves around a blind girl called Nageshwari. Her birth got destined by the heavens to fulfill a specific purpose.

She is the sole daughter born to her parents and ironically, is an atheist. She develops a love for music and goes on to learn to play the violin from a college nearby. Her parents are honest regular people and raise her with similar values. It is inconceivable for them to think about harming anyone or imagining anyone wanting to harm them. But unknown to them, Nageshwari’s aunt and uncle who stay with them, have devious plans of their own.

Drunk with jealousy, they are always on the lookout for nabbing Nageshwari’s property for themselves. Near their home exists a temple which got dedicated the Goddess Nageshwari Devi. But the idol of the Goddess doesn’t have any eyes. We get introduced to a saint who believes in a certain prophecy. He is sure that the child Nageshwari gets destined to retrieve the eyes of the Goddess which contain magical powers and restore them to the temple to complete her once again.

Meanwhile, Nageshwari’s parents continue to visit various doctors and try and restore their daughter’s vision. They leave no stone unturned in these attempts at giving their daughter a normal life. But, Nageshwari’s uncle continues plotting and thwarts every attempt made by her parents. Also involved in this struggle are some evil forces, who are all searching for the Goddess’ eyes for their own nefarious schemes and to prevent the idol from becoming whole.

They too are aware of the prophecy and prevent Nageshwari from getting her eyesight restored. They create obstacles and even kill the doctors who were to operate on her eyes so as to stall her. But in the end, she does succeed in getting her eyesight back. There are many who are eagerly waiting for her to fulfill the prophecy and restore the Goddess’ eyes. But she gets opposed by many dark and evil forces standing in her way. Moreover, she is an atheist. She must choose to accept this mission and embark on a dangerous adventure.




K. Sreevani Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 2 August 1989
K. Sreevani
Venkatesh Babu Madabhushi Telugu TV-Actor
DOB: 24 June 1963
Venkatesh Babu Madabhushi
Kalpalatha Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 19 January 1977