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Muga Manasulu is a family drama TV series broadcasted on ZEE Telugu channel that stars Nirupam as Aditya, Daharani as Dharani, and Kavitha as Chaya Devi. The show was premiered on June 16, 2014 and has currently completed 483 episodes. The story is about Dharani, a pure and independent girl who leads her family in doing small jobs. Aditya is a good-looking businessman and the nephew of a rich old lady, Chayadevi. The show started when Dharani met Aditya in the temple by accident. Aditya was not on a very good mood and Dharani assumes that he wants to commit suicide so she tries to stop him. After that, Dharani works as a caretaker of Chayadevi.

Aditya is Chayadevi’s nephew. He starts to like Dharani and later on, falls in love with her. Dharani also feels the same way so the two decide to get married. However, Dharani still thinks of fulfilling her responsibilities to her family. However, Aditya marries her despite the fact that Dharani came from a poor family. When Dharani enters Aditya’s house, she learns odd things about her husband’s previous life, which come as a surprise to her. Several twists and turns will happen and how it affects Dharani’s life is the plot of the serial. Does marriage bound to form out of love or only to fulfil the responsibilities as a wife?

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Muga Manasulu is an Indian Television drama which is broadcast on Zee Telugu Monday to Friday at 10 PM. Serial started on 16th June 2014. Lead role played by Nirupam. Muga Manasulu is a story of a simple and an innocent girl Dharani, who lives with her family and runs the family. Dharani is financially independent and works as a caretaker. Her employer Chayadevi is an old but rich lady. Her life was going smoothly till she met with Aditya who is relative of the old lady. Aditya is a businessman by profession.

Aditya likes the nature of Dharani, her attitude and the way she handles things. After few meetings he proposes Dharani, who is also attracted towards him. Aditya and Dharani marry with each other. When Dharani steps into her in-laws family, everything was going well, but she starts sensing that everyone is hiding something from her and she realized that it is related to her husband Aditya and with his past.. The story continues with a suspense. The serial has a different concept. It challenges the belief about the marriage that marriage is about the love and dedication for real or it is only about the responsibility. The show is appreciated by the women audiences.