Telugu Tv Serial Love

Love Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
Love is a new Drama television story launched on 30th April 2007 on SAV TV and with a number of 155 episodes it was broadcasted until 17th January 2008. Produced by Basu Anurag and directed by Ravi Daval they made a really good television series in 2007. On 11th June 2007 the Love series it was again broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television. The cast for this show it was really well chosen with actors like Mishal Raheja, Harsh Chhaya, Payal Sarkar, Rupa Ganguly, Rohan Tiwari, Pritam Choudhury, Deeya Chopra, Ajay Chaudhary, Vinit Kumar, Ritu Vij, Mohit Daga, Sandeep and many others that with the help of the young writer Mukul Srivastava made it to be appreciated even outside of India. The storyline of this series starts with the love between Shruti and Akash. Like all the relationships the love starts with an innocent girl that meets a boy and the romance and love starts small fight for love and power. It was compared with Romeo and Juliet love story where the egos and different personalities meet. Is a love and a drama series that makes you to not lose any episode and it is really catchy.