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Abhishekam is a super hit serial that is supervised by the film director Dr.Dasari Narayana Rao. It is being telecasted on E TV at 2 pm from Monday to Saturday. It has successfully completed its 1743rd episode as on 23rd of August’ 2014. Abhishekam serial is directed by Haricharan and Lakshmi Srinivas and produced by Dasari Padma.'Ravikiran', Satish, 'Mounika', 'Chinna', 'Ananya', 'Saimantha' etc. have acted in this serial.

Abhishekam is a story of family relationships and human values. Narasimham and Suseela have two children, Vinay and Sumathi. Vinay hates his father because of his drunkard ness and womanizing activities he has bought disgrace to the family and also he harasses his mother. Because of Narasimham his daughter dies. With all of these incidents Vinay lefts his home and starts living with Mastaru’s family in a village. He stays with Mastaru for 12 years and during that Mastaru’s daughter Rekha starts loving Vinay but he keeps her away because this is not acceptable to Rekha’s grand mother. After that he becomes a software professional. He meets Swathi the daughter of his boss and marries her. In the mean while Vinay meets his mother and Mastaru accidentally.

Vinay comes to know about Mastaru’s daughter Rekha that she was in a hospital in a serious condition and doctors have gave up on her condition. On his mother’s direction Vinay marries Rekha to fulfill her last wish. But to everyone’s surprise Rekha gets recovered and comes to Vinay’s home. How Vinay reacts to this and what decision he takes and how he deals with his wife Swathi in this regard forms the crux of the story.

Another version of the story...
Abhishekam’ is one of the Telugu daily serial telecasting in ETV from every Monday to Friday at 2 PM IST. The plot is of a family drama consisting Ravi Kiran, Satish, Sai Mithra, Mounika and Ananya as cast of the serial. Though the serial is one of the regular family drama serial but it attracted the viewers with its unique narration of the story which builds interests among the audience and with lots of turns and twists in the serial.
The story is about a Narasimham’s family. Susila was Narshimham’s wife and they have two children who played the roles of Vinay and Sumathi. Since Vinay’s child hood, Narshimham’s was a heavy drunker and beats his wife daily after he drunk. Once he pushes his daughter aside in anger and the poor kid dies, frustrated by this he hates his father and leaves the home at a tender age. He ran in to a village and stay with a Master in the village. He grows up there for 12 years and finally he becomes a professional software engineer. His boss’s daughter gets attracted towards Vinay and fell in love with him. Finally they got married. As the story progresses Vinay founds his mother and takes her to his Master.
Rekha is the daughter of Master and she loves Vinay from many years. She was in final stage of her life and hospitalized. On the suggestion of his mother Vinay marries Rekha as if she was dying. But eventually she got cured to their surprise and the plot goes on how he faces the consequences.
The show got a huge response from the audience and it set its path as one of the entertaining serial in Indian Telugu channels.