Tamil Tv Show Vidiyale Vaa

Vidiyale Vaa Tamil tv-shows on Kalaingar TV



Vidiyale Vaa’ is a morning show that is broadcasted on Kalaignar TV. It includes many segments. It comes everyday at 8 am. It is a type of talk show. It is all about healthy society, healthy life, and special interviews. The show helps you to kick start your day with an interesting mixture of entertainment and news. It is a very refreshing show. It is a breakfast show having various components like yoga tips, health tips, etc.

The show has many segments. Some of them are:

Ondre Sol Nandre Sol: In this segment, Professor Suba Veerapandian tells about the goodness of Tamil literature and also other works from different walks of the life.

Sirappu Virunthinar: In this segment, the show’s team invites popular personalities belonging to different fields for an exclusive interview where they share their journey with the audience. Dr. Ramya Ramalingam came in one of the episodes for this segment. Mr. John Suresh also took part in this segment.

Theethum Nandrum: In this segment, Mr. Manushyaputhiran tells about contribution of an individual or a whole society towards common problems.

Pallandu Vazhthuda: This segment is presented by a Siddha specialist, Dr. Gouthaman. He explains the goodness and importance of ancient herbs that are popular and widespread in the country.

The show also had segments like Semippu Mattrum Mudhalidu and Katralum Karpithhalum. Mr. Nagarajan presents the first one, while Dr. Karthikeyan and Dr. Vincent took part in the second one.

One more segment was Unavu Paarambariyam: Dr. Amudha Hari came on the show for the segment Unavu Paarambariyam. She gave knowledge about the goodness and importance of various ancient ingredients that were used earlier in Indian cooking, especially for better health. Dr. Amudha Damodaram taught the audience to make a hot cup of herbal Tea with mint leaves that not also refreshes you instantly, but also helps you in gaining more immunity.

Mr. Baskaran, an Educationalist was interviewed in the show, and he explained about integration of technology in teaching learning process. Mr K.L. Raja also came on the show. Dr. Nirmala Sadasiyam (M.D., MNAMS, D.G.O., Ph.D., MMCH) came on the show for giving a special interview. In the interview, she talked about the problem of infertility.

The show is a must watch for all. It gives you so much knowledgeable information about cooking, diseases, education, etc. It is a perfect combo of entertainment and knowledge. It also creates awareness by telling about various things.