Tamil Tv Show Sirippu Mathappu

Sirippu Mathappu Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar Sirippoli

Inspired by Sun TV’s new comedy channel - Adithya TV, Kalaignar TV also started its new channel - Sirippoli TV dedicated entirely to comedy. However, while Adithya TV focuses more on comedies of the recent era from the new hit movies, Sirippoli TV airs comedies from both old and new hit movies. Favorite shows broadcasted by the Sirippoli TV channel include Eppovaume Santhosam Live, which airs a collection of comedy clippings from a set of recent Tamil movies, Vanga Sirikkalam, a caller based show where the guests request the host to play their favorite comedy excerpts from their favorite Tamil movies and many other like Athanium Sirippu and Adada Enna Sirippu.

Sirippu Mathappu is a favorite show broadcasted on Sirippoli TV and airs every day at 11 AM on Sirippoli TV. Unlike a general comedy show playing comedy clips from various hit films, Sirippu Mathappu is an interactive comedy show. A particular comedy clip is played by the host and then, the host asks questions about the movie as well as the clip to the public. The TV viewers can also participate in the show by calling and the callers can request for clips to be played. Comedy has become a way of life now and it’s just not a way to pass time in the evening, but it has some healing power as well.

Comedy is woven into our lives in a small way or the other and can be considered to be a psychological process that helps us deal with difficult or complex situaions. Shows like Sirippu Mathappu is an important initiative by channels to change the way people look at situations. With our fast paced lives, we barely get time to stop and enjoy the moment. And, what more than a show that can entertain us and help us think with a new perspective.