Tamil Tv Show Sema Ragalai

Semma Ragalai  Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar Sirippoli

Kalaignar Sirippoli or Sirippoli TV is a popular Tamil 24 hour comedy channel. The channel has its headquarters in Chennai and is one of the most loved Tamil Entertainment channels lately. Sirippoli TV experiments with its concept by airing shows with many different unique stories. Vilundhu Vilundhu Siringa is a highly loved TV show which airs the compilation of funny clippings from various Tamil movies. Eppovaume Santhosam Live is another such show with the same concept, but the host of the show adds an extra spice to this program. Sema Ragalai is a popular Tamil Entertainment show aired by Sirippoli TV. The show challenges the basic concept of hitting the funny bones by just showing comedy clippings from various Tamil movies.

Sema Ragalai airs every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. on Sirippoli TV. Unlike the other programs aired on Sirippoli TV, Sema Ragalai is an exciting show which witnesses audience involvement. Sema Ragalai has a very peculiar procedure. The host provides a sound clip, blurred video clip or a hint to the participant. He/she is then asked to identify the actor in that clip or tip. If guessed right, the contestant is requested to enact any funny scene from the movie of that particular artist. The players are provided with goodies on completion of the task. Those who fail to identify the artist are still provided with certain prizes. Sometimes to keep it interesting, callers are involved in the show where people from different parts of Chennai enact their favorite comedy scene over a phone.

The one-hour comedy talk show is considered perfect for family viewing. The show is divided into some segments lately depending on the nature of involvement of the audience. The audience can either directly participate in the show from the program studio or by calling into the show. Sema Ragalai gained immense popularity due to its unique concept of mixing comedy with a game show. There is a thing about laughter that touches our soul. It provides us with a moment to connect to ourselves and brings in positivity. Laughing helps us cope with our problems more efficiently and allow us to reconnect with our soul. It makes us feel alive and acts as a natural stress reliever. Shows like Sema Ragalai provide us with an opportunity to laugh and embrace good humor in our surroundings.