Tamil Tv Show Putham Puthu Kaalai

Putham Puthu Kaalai Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

The title of the show had begun with the melodious hint of the Maestro Illayaraja, the legend of the Southern Indian music. It had devised to give a warm welcome to the viewers in the morning with some information and useful tips. It had continued for 808 episodes as on 14th day of November 2016. It had four to seven segments depending on the day in which it had to be broadcast.

The first division had the tag Suryodayam. It literally meant rise of the Sun or Sunrise. It consists of certain yogasanas and aerobic exercises for the betterment as well as refreshment of the viewers. The second part had the name Lakshmi Saha Sranamam. It has television based travel to some of the temples in the State of Tamil Nadu. The third sector had marked as ‘Geetham kattum Paathai’. It had a biweekly broadcast.

One of the most renowned eternities Tamil Brahmin made the depiction of the verses in the holy book of the Hindus viz. The Bhagavad Gita. He had retained the traditional way of narrating the Puranas that energizes the audience across the globe.

The third one, ‘ Yogam Nalla Yogam’ consisted of astrological predictions for that day. It had the depiction as well as calculative precision of the position of stars for that particular timing. It describes the lucky colour, lucky direction, and the lucky god for the period. During the birth of new Tamil months (twelve in number), a special focus had created on the monthly depicts.

It was followed by Mooligai Maruthuvam. An expert in the Siddha medicine along with their assistants would take part. They bring in the natural remedies to various diseases in a traditional way. They had given medications to discomforts that the English medicines as well as the allopath had left. It had filled up the vacuum created by the chemicals in the daily part of a human’s life.

The best part is one could send a letter regarding your queries and the doctor had a separate segment to read out the letter and grant the answers to the questions. The fifth way would be Sangeetha Swrangal. It took place in two journals. The singers would be performing some of the devotional songs in their voices. They would have a classical background attached to them. Thus, it would a fun filled happy morning to the audiences around the globe.