Tamil Tv Show Pennoviyam

Pennoviyam Tamil tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Pennoviyam is a lifestyle serial that is broadcasted on the infamous Vasanth TV which is a Tamil language channel. The show is all about Do it yourself (DIY) women stuff like sewing, craft making etc. It shows a number of women in different episodes of the show who are tutoring the audience to undertake activities for which they generally consult the third party or outsource the work like sewing laces, threads, mirrors etc.on to their clothes, sarees or for decorating the homes etc.

The show is divided into segments of art and craft, sewing etc. with a separate respective name for each of them. The art and craft section is called Thiramaikku Mariyaadhai and shows various women actresses showcasing their talent as well as teaching the public the method of doing art and craft stuff at home like making cards, vases, artificial flowers using paper and other things for home decoration at a slow speed and step by step which makes it easy for the audience to grasp.

The other section presented by the serial is the beauty section called Penin Alagu. This section covers tips for dressing up for women including methods to look good by straitening your hair at home, applying makeup and making hair designs, patterns etc. Henna designing is also included in this part. There are a significant amount of videos on this section as this not only provides tips to enhance the beauty but also shows the methods on how to do it on the screen and the public and do it step by step with them.

Short lengths of videos make it easy for the women to watch it over and over again if they miss a step or to simply rewind it and watch again. The introduction is given by the same host every day who changes her sentences according to the segment that is aired on that day. The next part shows a woman who greets the public nicely and tells about their aim of the day like ‘today we’ll learn tie and die or sewing buttons etc.’ This daily soap has received a very good response from the audience.

The major audience of the show is the women section of the society who undertake these activities accordingly and children of small ages who are interested in the crafts segment of the show. The show can be watched in both online as well as offline modes.