Tamil Tv Show Ovvoru Naalum Urchagam

Ovvoru Naalum Urchagam Tamil TV SHOWS on Mukil TV

Ovvoru Naalum Urchagam is a Tamil language TV show. Ovvoru Naalum Urchagam has been telecasted by one of the biggest and versatile channels of the Tamil language know as Mukil TV. Mukil TV is the only TV channel that works in Television industry, radio industry, applications, cinema, music and, news. Ovvoru Naalum Urchagam has been a very informative and, special for the Tamil audience. Ovvoru Naalum Urchagam is a TV show which provides information regarding a certain field to the audience. The host and VJ of the Tamil TV show is KV Muruga Barathi. Through this TV show KV Muruga Barathi provides information to the audience regarding; education, various educational courses, various professions, training of teachers, students, many employees, Human Resource Development, attitude importance, aptitude, hard work, organization skills, and talent, channelizing energy, development, excellence.

The TV show had a professional background with providing professional knowledge and lectures and motivational talk on such topics and related. There were episodes on better people make better society, multi professional knowledge, fluency in languages, matter of luck, informative topics, interactive and inspiring episodes and, other interesting topics. In each episode the VJ and the host would start the topic with some motivational talk or motivational quote and then he would go on to talk about the topic of the episode. Each episode was based on a new topic in the field of career and professionalism. There were a lot of talks about how organization, hard work and, consistency leads to success and that is what makes luck.

KV Muruga Barathi also talked on many technical topics and made the targeted audience understand those topics. Those episodes were about industry laws, industry techniques, work and management issues, importance of Human Resource Development, placements and recruitments, event management, guest address, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, competitiveness in every form, business coaching, new trends in the working of industries, shift to human resource development, professional trainers, companies working format and demands, in-campus training, counseling sessions, public programs, outbound training sessions, awareness about updates, celebrate centum, Glow Grow Guru- 3G, mass training, selling oneself, lead as legend, chance or change, happiness and, other such services.

The show had a targeted audience which was either the working class group or the college going students or graduates or people seeking training and development. The episodes were made keeping in view the present scenario of the working world. The show has been truly an informative one for the audience. KV Muruga Barathi also provided the URL of his website and, his e-mail ID to connect the audience with him. The audience could send in any query or any topic about what they want to know.