Tamil Tv Show Namma veetu Mahalakshmi

Namma veetu Mahalakshmi Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

Namma Veetu Mahalakshmi is a women based reality game show which came on the channel Zee Tamil. The series is a Tamil language one which came on between every Monday and Friday between the half hour slot of 8:30 PM and 9 PM. It premiered on Indian television screens in the year of 2014. The program focussed exclusively on women and it aimed at celebrating the magnificence and beauty of womanhood. All the contestants on the show are women. They get invited to participate in fun games and eventually win different prizes.

The show featured a large variety of games along with interesting conversations that keep the audiences engrossed. It was among the channel’s most popular series and gained excellent ratings. The program got loved by both critics and viewers across all age groups. It very soon became the most-watched series that got featured on this channel. The series got hosted by the charming and entertaining actress Kushboo. The bubbly actress keeps the show alive and engaging with her superb wit and comic comments that make the entire show a fabulous watch. Namma Veetu Mahalakshmi got played across four rounds with four participants in each new episode.

The first round is a Tamil only round where the participant must talk in Tamil on any given topic. They get a time limit of one minute for this, and they must speak non-stop. No other language may get introduced during this time. The topics are humorous ones, and it is generally difficult to speak only in Tamil on them. The second round, has the participants guess a celebrity's name from a blurred out picture which got shown to them. If they are unable to guess, the blur gets reduced a bit, and they get another chance. However, the points are also reduced in that case.

The third round has the participants playing a game where they all need to find the correct key in the middle of a large bunch of keys which they get provided with for opening a large wooden box. Points get allotted on the basis of how short time they take to do this task. The fourth and final round have the participants answering several questions based on a picture which got shown to them over there. This one gets conducted as a buzzer round. This concludes the game and the lady who gets the most number of points at the end of this round gets declared the winner and takes back home a lot of wonderful prizes.