Tamil Tv Show Kitchen Killadigal

Kitchen Killadigal Tamil TV SHOWS on VASANTH TV

This program is aired on Vasanth TV, every Sundays at 1 pm. It is a show to bring out the talents of culinary experts. The show has crossed more than 350 episodes. It has captivated the hearts of women audience. It is the best show for people who loves exploring new recipes and a great show for foodies. This show was produced by Sandhiya and presented by Preethi’s kitchen appliances.

The show duration is thirty minutes with one or two recipes based on the choice of the chef. Competitions are conducted even between the chefs and the winners are rewarded. Celebrities have also exhibited their interest in cooking and have shared their favourite recipes . Black Forest Cake was prepared by Rithika. The culinary experts share their recipe secrets and teach the audience to cook the best. They share the step by step procedure as they do in their restaurant style. Most of the recipes shared here are of Indian origin. South Indian, North Indian and the Chettinad are notable for spicy and tasty foods. Desserts and cake recipes are also shared in the seasonal episodes. Flavoured milk and milkshakes are preferred by professional experts.

Early episodes were hosted by Monisha. She is a very bubbly, enthusiastic and interactive in her way of hosting the show. The ‘37th’ episode was remarkable as it was the grand finale round. Vasanth Television’s Chairman was invited to select the best dish and he honoured the winners. Mangai won the first place for her Ragi Vada recipe. The second prize was bagged by Divya for her Beetroot Pasta and the third prize was won by Vidya for her Mushroom Gravy. All were presented with Preethi’s gift vouchers. The later episodes were hosted by Sandhiya. She was highly energetic in presenting the show.

The show turned away from its usual form. Competitive rounds were stopped and the chefs were invited to share their recipes. Every episode had two different dishes. Among the two dishes, one will be the main dish and the other will be a snack item. The recap was played after each dish as requested by the audience. The second part of the program was found to have  attracted the young people, as the snack items were easy to prepare. The tips given by the chefs were very useful for the viewers. Seasonal episodes for festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Easter included cake recipes, easter eggs and sweets. Women found these episodes really helpful to learn the knack of cooking.