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Kadupethuranga My Lord is a comedy show in the Tamil language that airs on the channel, Vendhar TV. Vendhar TV is a fairly new satellite channel in the Tamil language that is owned by the SRM Group. The show, Kadupethuranga My Lord was launched in the year 2015. The show was aired on weekdays, from Monday to Friday at 5:30 p.m. The show has had two successful seasons till date. The second season of the show has had more than 30 episodes. Each episode has a runtime of half an hour.

Kadupethuranga My Lord is a reality based show in the comedy genre. Usually, the comedy shows that are launched in the industry involve a contest or stand up comedy by individuals or groups. But this show comes with an out-of-the-box concept. The show celebrates the bond of friendship in a fun and interesting way. Everyone has friends whom they love and have fun with. It gives them extra pleasure though, to make a fool out of them. Playing pranks on friends or doing fun tricks is part and parcel of friendship.

It not only intensifies the bond but also spreads happiness and some memorable moments amongst them. Well, this show brings up this concept exactly in the form of this show. We have usually seen these kinds of things being done on the radio by radio jockeys. But this is the first time such a concept has been introduced as a television show. The show is hosted by two fun and comic anchors, Franklin and Preeti. Franklin and Preeti call upon various celebrities from the Tamil film and television industry like comedians, anchors, VJs, directors, etc., on the show.

They engage in a casual and fun chit chat with these celebrities and then ask them to name a friend of theirs who they want to troll. This friend also has to be a celebrity. The celebrities give them the name and either Franklinn or Preeti gives them a call live on the show and talks to them on random topics or embarrass them just to annoy or perplex them. They pretend to be a totally different person and talk to them without disclosing about the show. By the end of the call, they disclose their identities and who gave them their name.

Then the other host calls up someone from the general public and asks them if they want to play a prank on a friend. They call that friend while keeping the person on hold so that they can hear the conversation. Then they do the same thing and talk to this person to see whether they can identify that this is a prank before they disclose the identity of the friend. In the final call, they make the celebrity guest talk to a random person and perplex them. When they disclose their identity to the caller, their reactions are worth listening to. The show is a lot of fun because of the absolute random conversations that these people have and how they react when told that they have been trolled. The show is a good way to lighten the mood and have a great laugh.