Tamil Tv Show Isai Arasargal

Isai Arasargal  Tamil TV SHOWS on Isaiaruvi TV

Isai Arasargal is a music serial which is telecasted on Kalaignar Isai Aruvi. The show plays the songs of the movies in which a particular actor or actress, has been a part of. There are over a hundred actors who have graced the big screen, and hence the producers are never short of music. Isai Arasargal is aired on Sun TV on weekdays at ten in the morning.

The actor whose songs are to be chosen are decided randomly. Whenever there is a birthday of an actor, it gives a specific reason for the production crew to play the music of that actor. There can be other occasions on which it can be fitting to see an episode dedicated to the actor. The songs which are going to be played can be from their debut film, or from their most recent flick.

In each episode, minimum six songs dedicated to the film star are aired. It is also known as the music director’s special. The serial is also aired in Sri Lanka on PEO TV, and it is not exclusive to India. It is film music show, and only the songs which have been part of a film, and in which the actor is seen, are played on TV. It is also a way to pay tribute to the composers of the Tamil Music Industry.

In our country, indie songs are not given much recognition. Only the songs which have made it big in movies are given recognition, they are played on every radio station, they are aired on every music channel, and they are also played in parties. Isai Arasargal doesn't offer much to the indie music producers as it reaches out to the wider audience which is available in front of them. When a song is played, a graphic banner is shown, on which the credits of the song are written.

The name of the singer, composer and the movie is mentioned. The name of the song is of course mentioned. Not all episodes are for distinct actors. Many times now the actors for whom a particular episode is dedicated has been getting repetitive. Although the actors may be the same, the songs which are played in their honor are not the same.

A single episode can feature an item song and also a sad song. It all depends on the film star the episode is for. The show is exclusive for Tamil actors, and the other film industry stars are excluded. ‘ Rajinikanth’, ‘ Vikram’, Kamal Haasan, ‘ Dhanush’, ‘ Vishal’, and much more have been featured in various episodes.