Tamil Tv Show Engeyum Samayal



It is cooking show which is broadcasted by the Tamil Channel- Captain TV (It is a Tamil TV channel which is owned by the Tamil actor – Vijaykanth) every day in the morning slots of the channel. It is targeted at an audience of homemakers and retired personnel, due to a recent increase in the popularity of the show the channel has taken to airing it multiple times in the day. In the show, the presenter shows how a particular food item is prepared in a kitchen studio, step-by-step so that the audience at home can then replicate the dish.

Typically, the show's host, a chef of some renown, prepares one or more food items during the course of the show, the show – ‘Engeyam Samayal’ - usually covers a standard 4 course meal, i.e. a starter, a main course, a beverage (a soup or a sweet cold beverage; during summers.) and a dessert, the show then takes the viewing audience through the food's inspiration, preparation, and its various stages of cooking. The show portrays an entirely educational component, with the purpose of the show being that the host teaches the viewers how to prepare different meals and food items in a clear and concise manner.

While shows of this genre have rarely ever achieved top ratings, the show – Engeyam Samayal –has been a highly popular staple Tamil TV show since the earliest days of the channel. The show has run a number of seasons, especially because it is sponsored by the Superstar Vijaykanth. The shows’ host has a very flamboyant host which has led to the mass popularity of the cooking show. The show covers a wide variety of food types from Continental to Chinese, the show also demonstrates recipes from across the Indian subcontinent.

The show has covered a large number of commonly found food items such as – noodles, Puttu - Payar, Gajar Halwa, various varieties of Cakes, Sandwiches, Pastas, Pizza, Dosa, Tomato Broth, Shorba. The show is a delight to watch and has no doubt helped a vast number of cooks in learning how to make a variety of food items. The show has an immense viewer audience, because of its interactive format (wherein viewers can send in suggestions/requests for recipes to be shown in the episodes). The show also has hosted various celebrity chefs, this has led to an increase in the viewership of the show among the Tamil populace, the show has also hosted chefs, such as the chefs of 5star restaurants who come to the show and display their calibre, by cooking their signature dishes.