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 Bioscope Tamil Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Bioscope is a daily news program broadcasted on Captain TV. It’s an hour long entertainment and news show that is aired in Tamil, where Devi and Shyam serve as the hosts of the show. Instead of a typical news bulletin, the show takes an interesting approach to delivering the news. It features the hosts in some quirky setting. In one such episode, the pair posed as villagers who were residing in a hut. Both of them engage in talks among themselves that gives an informal look to the show as if two friends were talking about various things. The show mainly covers the South Indian entertainment industry, especially the movies.

Even in the movies, it gives special emphasis to the Tamil movies. The show roughly consists of various segments that cover a range of topics about the Tamil movie industry. Bioscope often airs the trailers and teasers of the latest movies that are about to hit the market. The teasers and trailers help build the hype around the movies and simultaneously inform the viewers about the same. What trailers showed mainly are Tamil movies however sometimes big budget Bollywood movies are covered. Along with these sneak peeks, the show also airs the newest music videos from soundtracks of various movies.

These are the tracks that are currently popular on the charts. Similar to teasers, this helps to inform the viewers about the latest cinemas. Along with the latest teasers, the show also covers news and current affairs from the movie entertainment industry. Being a daily broadcasted show, this allows Bioscope to talk about the latest news. The news generally concerns the movies, celebrities, etc. There are often a lot of controversies which the show covers aptly. The entertainment industry is ripe with gossip and hence the show has its parts dedicated to the newest gossip from movies and the people concerned.

This is often the most viewed part of the show amongst its viewers and it is the main point of the discussion after the broadcast. The hosts often engage in comedic banter among themselves, with the content often coming from the latest movies. This keeps the show light hearted and allows it to be different than the typical entertainment show. Bioscope covers all the issues from the movies and entertainment industry. For someone who’s a fan, the show provides all the latest information in order for them to keep up. It’s a one stop shop solution for the followers.