Tamil Tv Show Arattai Arangam

Arattai Arangam Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Arattai Arangam was one of the popular Tamil television shows which was telecasted on Sun TV. This show continued for more than 15 years on the channel which is itself a very big thing for any television show. It was started in the year 1996 and was telecasted at 10:00 a.m. on Sun TV. The show was first anchored by Visu but later got replaced by T. Rajender. They both are versatile in their job and are good artists. These people are multi-talented and had all the qualities of a good anchor for the show and did their job perfectly with no loose loops anywhere in their anchoring. Visu who was the initial anchor in the show was already a prestigious director, producer, writer, and now he was an anchor too.

From the very starting, the format of the show was to discuss the various social issues in the form of a debate. This theme took the interest of people from the very starting and made people watch it regularly. The show had a mass number of audience and a good TRP (Television Rating Programme). Due to which the channel didn’t want to end the show and this decision resulted in making of more than 600 episodes of a single show which is a big deal in the television industry. Later, this show became the top most ranked program of Indian Television history. After Visu left as anchor of the serial, the channel on which the show was telecasted also changed to Jaya TV. During this period, T. Rajender came in the show as the new anchor.

He took the show to the same level at which it was when Visu was the anchor of the show. In Arattai Arangam, the people of the show took up common issues as their topic. The debate was held with the participants on both the sides of the topic, i.e. for and against the topic according to their choice. Then finally a solution was expected to be made by the experts and in this way, the show ended. Some of the common topics which were discussed in the show were young generations are responsible or irresponsible and the solution for this was they are simply the watcher, the role of old people in the family relation, the role of old people in the political system etc.