Tamil Tv Show Adhu Idhu Yedhu Season 2

Adhu Idhu Yedhu Season 2 Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Adhu Idhu Edhu is a game show anchored by Ma Ka Pa Anand. The game has three participants. As a new concept, the participants are given 1000 points at the beginning of the show itself and for each round points are deducted/not deducted based on their performance. The first round is called “Groupla Dupe.” In this round, three people of the same profession are called. Out of the three, two of them are actual professionals whereas the third person is trained to act like a professional.

The guests have to press the buzzer first to choose the dupe. The contestants are given two chances – in the first chance the first person pressing the buzzer has the advantage of choosing any of the three and the person who selects the last will be left with the choice not already chosen. In the second chance, the professionals will individually perform, and the guests can change their previous choices at the cost of 100 points. Finally, the non-professional is revealed and every participant making a wrong guess loses 200 points.

The second round is “Siricha Pochu” whereby comedians are trying to make the three contestants laugh with their antiques. The contestant laughing loses points once again – highest of 300 points lost by the contestant who laughs first. The last round is the “Mathi Yosi” round whereby the anchor will ask questions, and the guests are supposed to give completely unrelated answers. The person who gives relevant answers in the shortest duration loses maximum points – 300. This show is aired every Saturday on Vijay TV.

Another Version Of This Show

Adhu Idhu Yedhu is a Tamil game show. The show has a simple format where invited contestants, compete against one another in a simple game. In the show, the host invites various popular celebrities to participate in the exciting games prepared by the network officials. The game show is divided into three segments; Grouple-Dupe, Siricha Pochu, and Maathi Yosi. The participant surviving in all three rounds wins the game and takes home the prize. The show was hosted by the popular Tamil actor and television presenter, Ma Ka Pa Anand who has a successful career in hosting television shows. He has hosted several shows such as Airtel Super Singer, Kings of Dance, KPY Champions, and many other successful shows. He is known for his witty personality and entertaining his audience.

The show aired on the popular Tamil channel Vijay TV. The channel is known for making and producing great shows that have exciting features and are entertaining to watch. The show Adhu Idhu Yedhu is one such show from the channel. The show was a massive success when it released in 2009 and has been successful in garnering great ratings and thus was renewed for another season. The second season was released in 2017 and was a huge hit. The second season had, in totality, 74 episodes.