Tamil Tv Show Aanmiga Kadhaigal

Aanmiga Kadhaigal Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Aanmiga Kadhaigal, a special Tamil language TV show hit the TV screens in the year 2015. The Tamil language popular show came with a different, and unique plot. Sun TV, one of the best and the most popular channels for the Tamil language viewers telecast this TV show. The show had a special purpose which was the promotion of the history of Tamil.

Aanmiga Kadhaigal is a TV show about history but not the history of mankind or evolution. It is the history of the sculptures, scriptures, holy books, God, stories related to God, Shastras, and Upanishads. Stories related to all these aspects of history were show in this TV show. The TV show has K Sivakumar as its host. K Sivakumar is a known name in the industry and, therefore, this made the TV show for appealing for the Tamil audiences.

The TV show had amazing and, beautiful compilation of the aspects of history of India. The TV show had many stories from Ramayana. A lot of chapters from Mahabharata were also picked. There were stories related to the history and formation of Scriptures of India. This is a devotional TV show. The morning TV show has a lot of learning from the Upanishads and, Shastras.

The TV show provided a lot of chapters, a lot of stories from various tales that have been written over time again and again. These were the lessons, moral teachings and, inspirations from these chapters and, stories which were told to the audiences and, urged by the host to the audiences to follow all such good values. The show was purely devotional and, educational. The message of the show was straight and, valuable to the audiences. The spiritual and, highly devotional TV show had verses from the Ramayana and, many other stories related that add to its value.

There are detailed conversation between the host and the audiences on the scriptures and, holy books. This TV show is a dedication to all the religious discourses. The old sculptures, scriptures, stories relation to them, their formations, and history attached to them, their connection with holy books, stories of God related to them and, the stories of people attached to those scriptures were portrayed and told to the audiences. The love tales among God, the stories of wars, tales of friendship and, most importantly the show was about instilling the moral values into the people’s minds. The TV show still runs successfully on Sun TV as a morning TV show.