Tamil Tv Serial Vijay Chithiram

Vijay Chithiram Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Vijay Chithiram is a Tamil short film series show which is aired on Vijay TV. The show is made up of seven short films, whose stories are written by outstanding writers but did not receive much wider recognition. This show translates these stories into living reality by turning these stories into movies using production resources and expertise.

Tamil Nadu is known for its rich literary work and fiction writings. Many successful authors in our country hail from this state, from Indira Parthasarathy to Jayakanthan. However, not all of the astonishing work is converted into a visual format, and hence they don’t reach the audience at large. Thus, Vijay TV has launched this show to identify such work and convert them into movies. With this show, seven of the most worthy stories are projected on the screen. The title seven short films that will be aired on this show during the first season are Bayamma, Irandam Aatam, Mari, Thavalaik Kannan, Ganesh Vasanth, Antha Oru Nimidam, and Panchapakesan Devasagayam. The concepts of these short films are mentioned below:-

1) Bayamma – It is based on the story of a pious Muslim mother who is on the edge with her principles of living an Islamic life and her daughter’s marriage with a Hindu man.

2) Aatam – In this, a housewife is trying to get a hold of her mischievous husband as she finds out that he is cheating and deals with the crisis.

3) Mari – This film is based on the story of orphan teenage school girls. It depicts the ordeal and adversities they face in their day to day life by society.

4) Thavalaik Kannan – It is a tale of friendship between two classmates, in which one is a politician and an MLA while the other is his secretary. It throws light on the dark side of politics.

5) Ganesh Vasanth –It is based on the story of two detectives named Ganesh and Vasanth, and how they together solve spine-chilling mysteries.

6) Antha Oru Nimidam – The terrifying story of a runaway Psychopath who manages to avoid being caught and commits the crime.

7) Panchapakesan Devasagayam – The lead, Panchapakesan Devasagayam, sets on a journey to solve the mystery behind the recurring murders in the coffee estates of Ooty.


This is one of a kind show that honors and appreciates the creativity of gifted writers. This show is created with the motive of bridging the gap between talent and its recognition.