Tamil Tv Serial Thanthira Bhoomi

Thanthira Bhoomi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Thanthira Bhoomi is a mythology based drama series which came on the channel Sun TV. The serial is a Tamil one that telecasted on every day of the week barring Sunday i.e. between Monday and Saturday. The show ran successfully for a number of years and got viewed regularly. The show quickly became a fan favorite and amassed a huge fan following. It got viewed on a regular basis and enjoyed huge loyalty from the fans. Coupled with the brilliant acting skills displayed by the cast members made it an instant hit amongst the audiences.

The series became a launchpad for a number of talented actors as well including the likes of Adithya Menon Adithya Menon was born on 6th April 1974 as Anil M >> Read More... . Thanthira Bhoomi deals with the age old saga of good against evil and how the Gods and Goddesses watch over us at all times. It shows us how the deities took various reincarnations whenever Earth got threatened by the forces of demons and other forms of evil. They come down from the heavens and purge the earth of all forms of sin. From Goddess Shakti to Lord Vishnu, the program takes us on their journey across troubled times and what steps they took to repel evil. We witness the birth of Goddess Shakti herself and the steps she took to overcome the threats faced by the earth and its people.

Some of her conquests extended to the heavenly realms as well with her taking up arms against some very powerful demons who marched on the heavens and threatened to take over. She fought with all her might and rallied the deities to counter the demons and their minions from exerting their dominance over all that is good and pure. We follow the journey of other deities as well on similar exploits. These also give the viewers an insight into how the various legends and special temples dedicated to them come about.

Some of these places of worship have great historical significance showing what all the Gods went through in order to ensure a prosperous future for all of the man kinds. AdithyaMenon is a very talented actor who has performed in numerous roles across the Tamil, Telugu and even Malayalam language films and television series. His first brush with the world of entertainment occurred while he was in college. He auditioned for getting a shot at becoming a Radio Jockey for the famous Channel Radio Midday. He performed reasonably well over there and discovered a knack for media and entertainment.