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Tamil Tv Serial Puthu Kavithai

Pudhu Kavithai Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

“Puthu Kavithai” portrays how an ordinary girl, who is driven by the society and people at large, to behave like and transform into an extra-ordinary woman. Kavya (Maheshwari) lives with her sister Divya in Rameswaram. Brought up in a traditional style, both Kavya and Divya are well educated and well behaved. A crude guy Dhanushkodi secretly admires Kavya and does not let anyone near her. Circumstances bring them closer where Kavya and Dhanushkodi fall in love with each other and get married.

They both are incompatible, but Dhanushkodi corners her to marry him. To safeguard Kavya through her life, her brother marries Dhanushkodi’s sister. Kavya, though initially hates Dhanushkodi, starts realizing his abundant love for her, and starts reciprocating. Many external enmities, which Dhanushkodi had created before marriage, try to put him down and murder him.

This causes a disturbance in their married life. How Kavya fights with the society to protect her love, and life forms the remaining story, which is described neatly. This is a remake of the Hindi serial “ Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya is an Indian soap opera br >> Read More... ” aired on Star Plus channel. Vijay TV has put the Tamil version on Air. Rightfeel Productions have produced the serial with D Parthasarathy as the Director. Maheswari (as Kavya) Started as a Video Jockey (Vj) in Sun Music, Maheshwari became popular through Sun TV’s Asatha Povathu Yaaru "Asathapovathu Yaaru?" Or “Who is going to impress >> Read More... . She then shifted her base to Kalaignar TV shows, which also opened up opportunities for her to act in tele-serials. She started with the serial Thayumanavan in Vijay TV, and her current serial is Puthu Kavithai, again in Vijay TV.

This serial has given her a lot of scope for performance and she has capitalized on it quite well. Another version of this story... Puthu Kavithai is a Tamil mega serial getting aired in Star Vijay channel from Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM. This serial originally, when its teasers were telecast in the channel, made viewers to think that it could be a refreshing love story. But interestingly, the serial has a different plot to deal with, though it involved love. Puthu Kavithai revolves around a woman who would go to any lengths and fights to get her rights. The entire story happens in a small town in Rameswaram. Kavya and Divya were born for Ramanathan, who leads a traditional and respectable family in the town.

Ramanathan, as a good father intends to give good education to both his daughters irrespective of the family condition. In the meanwhile, the love episode gets unwrapped when Dhanushkodi, who is of no use in the town at all and remains to be just a nuisance, grows a secret admiration for Kavya. He continues to be harsh for those people who are not doing good and unkind to Kavya. But she doesn't know that such a character lives in the town with such admiration. However, Dhanush convinces himself that Kavya should be his life partner. When Kavya's family comes to know about Dhanush and his intentions, they decide to get Kavya married as soon as possible for which Kavya agrees as well. But what it causes to Dhanush and how he takes it forms the crux of the story plot.

Dinesh and Maheswari play the lead roles in the serial while it's written and directed by Dakshinamoorthy Parthasarathy. The serial is produced by Right feel Productions.   Another version of this story... “Puthu Kavithai” is a successful Tamil tele-serial telecast on Star Vijay channel. It is a unique love story which talks about a boy and a girl with differing characters. One is called a “Pudhu Kavithai” (modern poetry in Tamil) while the other one is a “Marabu Kavithai” (traditional poetry in Tamil).

As these two are 180 degrees apart, they have so many differences, but essentially they both are poetries, so those similarities bring them closer, making them a great pair. This love story is told with many twists and turns in this serial which has got the attention of millions of viewers, most of them young people who made this a hit. The lead pair of “Puthu Kavithai” is played by Dinesh and Maheswari. The story is set in a small town background which brings refreshing views to the television. In addition to the landscapes, the beauty of the people’s minds and their mindset is also captured very well in this serial, which is the reason it has got so many accolades and awards in a short time since it started telecasting.

It shows what happens when such differing characters meet each other in life and start loving. Audience wants them to be united, irrespective of differences, but want to know how they are going to overcome them successfully. “Puthu Kavithai” is written and directed by Daktshanamoorthy Parthasarathy. The camera work is handled by Vasanth who has brought the essence of a small town in Tamil Nadu. Music for this serial is composed by Vishal Chandrashekar, while editing is handled by Pandi Murugan. Entire crew has worked really hard to smell success in their unique attempt which is loved by everyone.

Another Version Of This Story:

This Tamil soap was broadcasted on STAR Vijay. The first episode premiered on 16 December 2013 and aired Monday through Friday. It had completed a run of total 361 episodes. It is a story of a woman who had the determination to fight for her right. She would achieve her right at any cost. Serial actress Maheswari played the lead role. The story was based on two families. The story is told in a backdrop of a town Rameswaram. Ramanathan leads a traditional and respectable family in the town. Though they are all traditional, the family believes in educating their daughters Kavya and Divya are without any hesitation. Dhanushkodi was Kavya's secret admirer, and he forces Kavya to marry him.

To protect Kavya, her brother gets married to Dhanushkodi's sister. Kavya is not satisfied with her marriage. But then she realizes Dhanushlodi's love for her. Later she falls in love with him and eventually both of them came close. In between there happens some moe incidents like Kavya is separated from Dhanush and stays away with her kid. Kavya was a boss of Dhanush. But Ramanathan's another daughter Divya gets engaged to Dhanush as Dhanush is separated from Kavya. Dhanush, who stays in in-laws house finally, says he will tie the knot with Divya.

Dhanush agrees to marry Divya when she takes pills to commit suicide, and their marriage gets fixed in the temple. But then Divya’s mother stops the marriage and Kavya feels satisfied and comes back to her home and stays in her father’s house. Divya meets Aravind (his brother) who has been sent out from home and plans to damage Kavya and Dhanush life. Aravind falls in hands of henchmen and takes refugee into Sethu’s house. This is the whole story. Veni, who is married to Aravind, listens to plot where Divya plans to send out Kavya and Dhanush from their house.

Divya refuses to be a daughter of Ramanathan now. Divya burns all original IDs of Kavya so that Kavya does not apply for bank loan. Later appears some more twists in the family matter. Ramanathan’s family finds out that there is also pitru dosha in a family, so all problems are arising one by one in the family. The head of the family asks to do some puja on Amavasya so that departed soul gets satisfaction. The story goes for many episodes in this manner. Later, Aravinda asks for his property right along with Divya. Soon Dhanush comes to know that the child is not of Kavya’s but of a slum woman when the child is kidnapped by Veni’s mother. Dhanush finds out that Kavya gave birth to a dead child. What happens and how the family gets united is the whole serial tells in each episode. The show was produced and diverted by D. Parthasarathy. The show telecast had begun on 16 December 2013 and lasted till 29 May 2015.

The camera work by Vasant was brilliant showing Rameswaram town in a whole capsule. The Tamil serial was an adaptation from the North Indian Hindi serial ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya’. The supporting cast included Dinesh, Sabarna, Raviraj, Vatsala Rajagopal This young at heart, busy, active “Seetha Paati” ( >> Read More... and Feroz Khan Feroz Khan is a legendary Indian film actor, edito >> Read More... .